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The Internet in 1994 According to the Today Show

I came across this video and it hit home because 1994 was the year I got my first Internet connection, or was it 1993? Close enough. Does anyone remember setting up a home Internet connection in 1994? It wasn’t easy. … Continue reading

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The 1 Best WordPress Forum

I’ve just been searching for a forum for my Cape Parrot WordPress website. For the last 10 years I had an old Perl based CGI forum by Matt Wright on the site. After spammers got in I patched it to … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson was a very remarkable man

The following is from an email that has been going around the ‘Net. It was forwarded to me from my mother. Thomas Jefferson wasn’t just one of our founding fathers, he was THE founding father. He wrote our constitution and … Continue reading

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How to force extra line breaks in Wordress

My WordPress problem of the day solved. I’m fairly new to using WordPress and while it is really cool it does some dumb things. Example: How do you add a simple line break? Adding extra lines within the visual editor … Continue reading

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Print parts of a web page using Microsoft Outlook

How many times have you wanted to print out an interesting article, instructions or piece of code from a web page only to have many pages of surrounding junk and ads spit out of the printer. Here is a trick … Continue reading

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Move a Sub-directory to Another Domain

Years ago I put together a small section about Cape Parrots on this site in a sub-directory called /parrot/. Over time it grew and I purchased the domain for it. Originally I just pointed the domain at: and … Continue reading

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PhotoBlocker License Plate Spray

Does this stuff work? Traffic cameras are BS! My motorcycle recently got a ticket for not paying bridge toll. Guess what it was being towed on a trailer. It cost me several hundred dollars. If this stuff works it would … Continue reading

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WordPress Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin

Websites need a way to let legitimate visitors contact their owners/webmasters etc. but spammers have bots that add any email addresses they find to spam databases and robots that will auto-submit to any unprotected form they find. Currently I am … Continue reading

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Google Chrome with Speed Dial

I currently have 3 different web browsers installed on my main desktop: Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Google Chrome. I use Internet Explorer the least. The main reason I have it is to use the Windows Update system. IE … Continue reading

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Google Search Secrets

Search engines are wonderful things, I don’t know how we lived before them. Instead of driving to the library, flipping through card catalogs, pulling books off shelves and flipping through pages to find one simple fact we can now just … Continue reading

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