How I saved $350 on my Comcast TV bill

Comcast LogoThis is about my experience with Comcast but the same approach should work with most cable TV companies and many other subscription services as well. Like many people I signed up for Comcast years ago when I move into my current place. Comcast gave me a good introductory deal but over the years I watched my bill creep higher and higher. Finally I’d had enough. I love TV but I don’t watch enough movies to rationalize what I was paying for the movie channels.

I was thinking of cancelling HBO, Showtime and Starz when I received a call from Comcast collections. I’d set up an auto-pay for Comcast but they had raised the rates again and it was not sending the full amount. That prompted me to call and cancel the movie channels. I reached a very nice customer service representative who without hesitation offered me a deal to keep my current service at a $30 a month reduction. I took the deal and wish I’d made the call sooner. I was told that my new rate was good for one year and that I should call back in a year to see what new deals I could get. I’ve marked the date on my calendar.

If you’ve had your Comcast service for over a year and think you are paying too much call: 1-800-COMCAST and choose “Disconnect or Downgrade” from the menus. Tell them you want to downgrade your service and see what kind of deal they offer.

If after reading this you call Comcast or any subscription service you have and get a deal leave a comment and let us know about it.

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  1. Craig says:

    I just called Comcast to remove some premium channels. I was given a $25/month discount without even asking. This one is good for 6 months. The rep said to call back in 6 months and ask if there was a new discount available. Just call Comcast and ask if there is a discount. You could save a ton of money. $25 bucks a month is $300 a year. That is real money in my book!

  2. Craig Harris says:

    After my wife reminded me that our cable bill had gone up again I made my call to Comcast. After going through the menus I ended up talking to someone in billing who transferred me to cancellations. I told the nice lady that my wife was upset with me about the bill and did she have any retention offers which could help me out. She looked at my account and after about a minute she said that since I’d been a good customer for over 10 years she could give me $30 off. At the same time I also canceled their crappy Sports Package for an addtional $9.95 a month savings. That’s $479 a year saved for less than 10 minutes on the phone!

    About the Sports Package. I love motorsports and had this package for the Speed Channel. While Speed had excellent coverage of Formula One their motorcycle race coverage really sucks and for 2013 things have gotten much worse. As of 2013 Formula 1 racing has moved to NBC. World Superbike has moved to Al Jazeera (part of the Premium package). AMA is still on Speed but the races I’m really interested in are on Speed2 which isn’t available through Comcast. Bye bye Sports package and SpeedTV.

  3. Craig Harris says:

    A few more thoughts on Comcast. For as long as I remember they lure you in with wonderful teaser rates typically good for 6 months to 1 year. Then your rates start going up. Most people (like my mom) just keep paying the bill. When you see your bill go up it is time to get on the phone and call 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489). You will want to have your account number, phone number associated with the account, address and last 4 digits of your Social Security number handy. You will want to get connected to the “Cancellations” department as they seem to be the only people with retention deals for current subscribers. I tell them that my wife is bitching about how high my cable bill is (true story) and do they have any deals that can help me out. As long as you’ve been a customer for a while and have a good history with them they will almost always offer you a deal.

    Comcast changes it’s deals every few days and not all of the Customer Service Representatives are easy to deal with. If you don’t get a good deal call back in a couple days, or even just hang up and call right back. This is often referred to as CSR Roulette. Sure it’s a pain but you can save hundreds of dollars a year.

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