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Google Chrome showing Speed Dial extension I currently have 3 different web browsers installed on my main desktop: Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Google Chrome.

I use Internet Explorer the least. The main reason I have it is to use the Windows Update system. IE is typical bloated Microsoft Software. I takes a long time to load and I really don’t like its interface. The best thing about IE is that every website will work with it as they are all designed to work with IE first.

Since the demise of the Netscape browser Firefox has been my favorite choice. Firefox is in my opinion the best all-around web browser. Firefox just does everything well.

When Google Chrome first came out I installed it because in general Google stuff is pretty good. I was initially unimpressed with Chrome because it had some compatibility problems and failed to display some websites correctly. That seems to have been fixed in the current version. I really like that the default homepage displays your 8 most frequently visited sites with small thumbnails. What I really don’t like is that it displays ONLY 8 sites. That is where the Speed Dial extension comes in. Speed Dial allows you to customize your Chrome desktop with 1-9 rows and 3-9 columns of thumb-nailed website links. This allows you to have from 3 to 81 websites on your homepage. I currently have 30 thumbs on my desktop as seen in the beginning of this article.

Speed Dial extension options page

Speed Dial Options Page

Lately, thanks to Speed Dial, I have found myself using Google Chrome more and more. It is so convenient to have thumbnails of my frequently visited sites right on my homepage. Firefox is still set as my default browser but I am using Google Chrome most of the time.

Give it a try:

  1. Download: Google Chrome
  2. In Chrome click: the wrench in the upper right hand corner/tools/extensions
  3. Click: Get more extensions
  4. Search: Speed Dial and install
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2 Responses to Google Chrome with Speed Dial

  1. Craig Harris says:

    I just installed Google Chrome on my laptop and noticed that by default there is no “HOME” icon on the toolbar. I don’t know why Google chose to leave it out by default but here is the fix. Click the wrench and choose “Options” then under the “Basics” tab look at the “Homepage” section and check the “Show the Home button on the toolbar” option.

    The “Home” button is almost a necessity to get back to your Speed Dial page. Of course you can also just open a new tab by clicking the + sign.

  2. Craig Harris says:

    I’ve recently switched from SpeedDial to SpeedDial2. They are two seperate plugins by different authors.

    The original SpeedDial plugin seems to have been abandoned by it’s author. It hasn’t been updated since November and its author has not responded to any messages in it’s support forum.

    The new SpeedDial2 plugin’s author is very enthusiastic about his project. Updates come regularly. One of the main problems with all of the speed dial type plugins is that they run out of database space in Chrome when you add many dials. SpeedDial 2 has overcome this problem while the orginal still has it. There are a few bugs with all the Speeddial type programs with Chrome versions up to 10. Grab the version 11beta of Chrome and all the bugs (at least with Speed Dials) are gone.

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