Duke Nukem Forever

I first played Duke Nukem in 1991 when it was just another PC shooter game. Then Duke Nukem 3D came out in 1996 and I became a fan! Duke Nukem 3D was one of the most controversial games at the time due to its strong language, sexual/misogynistic content, cultural stereotypes, and strong violence. If Duke 3D wasn’t adult enough there were a number of fun game add-ins to change the sounds and graphics that just made a great game even greater. While there have been some games with the Duke Nukem name for cell phones and Game Boy the last real Duke Nukem was Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project in 2002.

Well Duke is finally back in Duke Nukem Forever! This game has been in development since 1997! For us die-hard Duke Nukem fans the wait is almost over. The all new game is due out May 3rd 2011.

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  1. Craig Harris says:

    Duke Nukem Forever Release Has Been Delayed

    The release date was changed from May 3 to June 14 for the States.
    The international release was moved from May 6 to June 10.

    Come on guys we’ve been waiting 15 years! Get your act in gear before one of us goes Duke Nukem on your ass!

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