How To Submit Your Site To Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and DMOZ

There are tons of ads on the Internet that claim they will submit your site to 100’s of search engines for a low price. Most of what they do is spam free-for-all link pages on the net which gets you little. What you want is to have your site listed in the big search engines. The main search engines are: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and DMOZ. Most of the others just repacked results from these databases. Best of all you can submit your site to them for free.

You could just submit your sites base URL and let the search engines spider it but to get your site properly indexed you should have a sitemap. A sitemap file: sitemap.xml is a list of pages and files on your sites to make it easy for the search engines to find and index everything.

Here are a number of free online sites that will create your sitemap.xml file for you:

For WordPress users, download and activate Google XML Sitemaps. This is a must have plugin for WordPress blogs, it will easily and automatically generate your sitemap.xml file. It is what I use on this site.

Submitting to Google

To submit your sitemap.xml to Google, first you will need to make an account at Google webmaster central. Once you created and login to your Google webmaster account.

Step 1
Click Add a site…and enter your domain name and click continue.

Step 2
Verified you are the site owner. You may add the Meta tag on your HTML header or download a HTML file and upload the HTML to your home root folder on your domain. Once you select one of the method , click Verified. (I prefer the HTML file method but if you don’t have FTP access to your site go with the Meta tag option)

Step 3
Once you verified that you are the site owner, you will now able to view your website’s statistic on your Dashboard. Add your sitemap.xml by going to the left hand side under Site Configuration> Sitemaps>Submit a Sitemap

Enter your sitemap.xml URL and click Submit Sitemap. Wait for a few hours for the Google to pick up your sitemap and you are done.

Submitting to Microsoft Bing

Step 1
Go to Bing Webmaster Center and create a account.

Step 2
Click on Add a site and fill out the form on that page then click submit.

Step 3
Verify that you are the site owner by uploading a file or adding a meta tag within your HTML header. Once you done that go back to the main Bing webmaster page and click on the website you added. It should now been pick up by Bing and you are done.

Submitting to Yahoo!

Step 1
Create an account at Yahoo! Site Explorer.

Step 2
Verify that you are the website owner and you are done.

Submitting to

This is the easiest one, simply copy and paste this into your browser:

Then change to match your sitemap URL. Hit enter and you are done.

Submitting to

Step 1
Go to: or for adult content sites.

Step 2
Drill down to the appropriate category for your site, click the suggest URL link and fill out the form.You are done. DMOZ is done by humans so there is no need for a sitemap.

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    Thanks for the very very useful information.

    Sandy Raman

  2. Saurabh says:

    Thanks for these very important information.

    Can you please tell me something about how to check if a site is complete or not which is required for registrying to dmoz

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