Getting Your Site Indexed

I got a little sidetracked today by Search Engine Optimization or SEO. (No not SEX this time SEO!) You should know about Sitemaps, writing good content but how do you get those search engine spiders to actually crawl over your site and index it? One of the best ways is to have your sites URL listed on high traffic sites that the spiders regularly visit. Making comments on high traffic Blogs is good and you should do it but I’ve come up with a way to create pages about your site instantly on VERY high traffic sites.

Check out my little Get Indexed form:

Just put your domain into my form and it will generate a list of links to extremely high traffic sites. All you have to do is click on each link and a page about your domain will be created on each of those sites. You should have search engine spiders on your site in less than 24 hours. You don’t have to thank me, just check out the sponsor and make us some money.

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