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I was watching The Bachelor last night with my wife. We are newly married so I am still getting used to saying “my wife.” We noticed that most of the girls were complaining about how hard it was for them to put themselves “out there.” I commented, “Of course it is hard, it’s called being single. That is why people want to get married.” My wife and I got to talking about how hard it is to meet someone because not only do you have to find someone you really like, which is hard enough, but they have to really like you back. The odds of a match are not good.

My wife and I met at an offline singles event for Silicon Valley college graduates. I was building their website at the time. As much as people talk about liking diversity these days the truth is that most people are happiest being with other people like themselves. I gathered up a bunch of links to singles sites for various groups of people so you single people can at least focus on your target a little better.

  • Asia Friends The worlds largest networks of Asian singles, with over sex million members from every country. Asia Friendfinder features a friend network, blogs, chatrooms, and much more.
  • BigChurch BigChurch affords Christians/Catholics an excellent, safe community for meeting prospective friends, bible partners, and spouses.
  • Amigos The ultimate in Latino personals, with over ten million members.
  • Black Flirting Black Flirting is the premiere place for urban singles to meet, flirt and find true love. Here you’ll find black men and women looking for the same thing you are-fun, friends and romance.
  • Senior Friends Senior FriendFinder enables the 40+ crowd to easily find singles or couples in their own region or across the world. Featuring active chat rooms, an advice magazine and more, forthe ever-growing baby-boomer segment.
  • Friendfinder Meet someone special at the pioneering personals site that revolutionized online dating, with over 1.5 million ACTIVE members from every country.
  • FastCupid FastCupid is the smart people’s personals site. You’ll find a community of people using the site as a tool to make connections and find partners for dating, romance, friendship and a variety of encounters.
  • MillionaireMate MillionaireMate is the pioneering personals site that revolutionized online dating, with nearly four million members from every country.
  • Filipino Friends The ultimate Filipino online personals site with nearly a quarter million members.
  • Gay Friends Meet sexy single men in one of the newest and fastest growing sites in the FriendFinder Network.
  • Indian Friends Worldwide Indian dating and matrimonials. Over one half million members.
  • German Friends German singles all over the world are waiting to fall in love. Over 100,000 members with hundreds of new profiles being added each week.
  • Korean Friends Korean FriendFinder caters to Web-savvy Korean singles and people from all over the world who are interested in relationships with Koreans.
  • French Friends French FriendFinder is the leading online dating and relationship site for French speakers in France, Canada, and throughout the world. Featuring active chat rooms, an advice magazine and more. Over one quarter million ACTIVE members.
  • Italian Friends The Italian way of love! Over 100,000 members with hundreds of new members joining each week.
  • Jewish Friends Jewish FriendFinder is fast becoming the largest online Jewish dating personals site with over 400,000 registered members. The site offers features specific to Jewish culture, like questions about diet and orthodoxy, and frequency of religious service attendance.
  • Hookup with Hotties The world’s largest sex and swinger site with almost 35 million active members worldwide. The site features video introductions, photo albums, steamy chatrooms, live Webcams and much more. Supported in twelve languages.
  • GradFinder GradFinder enables members to hook up with former schoolmates, from kindergarten all the way through college. Every school in the US is represented. The site provides members with online albums, message boards and a reunion planning system.

Go forth and meet someone. While I never tired of “chasing skirt” as my dad used to say, I am really glad I found someone! Being single is a LOT of work.

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