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Broken links are very bad to have on a website. Broken links are bad for your visitors and very bad for Search Engines. I have some very old sites that have been changes so many times over the years that I loose track of what is even in there. I’ve also been converting some sites, like this one, to WordPress. Some people move web hosts only to find that the new host as a different directory structure. In these kind of situations it is really easy for pages to get lost and links to get broken. Are you going to click on every link on your website? And not miss any? Avoid giving your viewers the dreaded 404 error message.

I recently found a neat free software program called Xenu (yes the Scientology Galactic Ruler) that is great for finding broken links. Link verification is done on “normal” links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. This software runs on Windows (most every flavor) only and is a very small file that is quick and easy to install. It is super easy to use, just type in your sites URL and go! This program is really fast, it checked over 10,000 URLs on one of my sites in under 15 minutes.

Xenu can also be used to find files or images on your site which are no longer linked to at all – so called orphaned files.

I highly recommend this software to every webmaster. Looking to improve your SEO or just check your site this software should be in your toolbox.

Another plus to this free program is that so far it is the best sitemap generator I have found. Way better than any of the free online services I have tried. It easily spiders to over 50.000 links, and has a simple, one-screen interface that shows you all the options at one glance.

Get Xenu Here.

There is also a nice guide to Zenu on a seperate site: HERE.

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One Response to Find Broken Links on your Website

  1. junnyd says:

    Been wandering for SEO optimation, I have this 2 the same anchor link.
    The first 1 is anchored to a picture while the other one is anchored to a title.

    For the one anchored in the picture I put rel=”nofollow” while on the title link is dofollow.
    Will the search bot index the second “dofollow” link?


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