Map of Every Country that Doesn’t Use the Metric System

Map of every county in the world that doesn't use the metric system

Counties that don't use the Metric System

In 1968 the US Congress authorized the U.S. Metric Study, a three year study of the feasibly of switching to the metric system. In 1975 Congress passed the Metric Conversion Act of 1975 and created the U.S. Metric Board for planning, coordination, and public education of the switch to the metric system.

When I was in grade school we spent a lot of time learning the metric system. Our country had announced that it would be switching to the metric system and we needed to be prepared for the change. We had Meter Sticks and litre bottles. One day we even walked a kilometer. Like most things our government does, a lot of money was spent, a lot of time was wasted, but little or nothing was ever accomplished.

As you can see in the above map the USA is not alone in staying away from the metric system. Liberia and Myanmar a.k.a Burma have stuck with us in using the Imperial System of measurement.

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