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RSS in Page WordPress Plugin Review

This is a quick review on my experience with the WordPress plugin: RSS in Page version 2.8 by Titus Bicknell. RSS feeds are a great way to add automatically updated content to your WordPress Blog. WordPress comes with a widget … Continue reading

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Don’t Use WordPress Twenty Ten Theme!!!

The default, since version 3.0 at least, theme for WordPress is Twenty-Ten. It is a very good theme. I use it on this site. So why am I telling you not to use it? Because some day you are probably … Continue reading

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Richard Hammond’s Tech Head

Hey are you a Top Gear fan? If you are not you should be. Top Gear’s Richard Hammond has a new series that pokes fun at technology with British humor. A new episode comes out every week starting February 14th … Continue reading

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VOIP Phone Service Deal $7.75/month Unlimited Calling

Don’t pay attention to the price on the ad, the price is even lower now! With the current promotion it should say $6.21 /month! With taxes and fees added it comes to a whopping $7.75 a month for complete telephone … Continue reading

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Getting a Deal on a Dell Computer

I like Dell computers. For the most part Dell makes good machines. My wife and I both have Dell laptops. I have a Dell server and I bought my mother a Dell desktop. Buying a Dell is another story. Buying … Continue reading

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