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Dell E5520 ImageI like Dell computers. For the most part Dell makes good machines. My wife and I both have Dell laptops. I have a Dell server and I bought my mother a Dell desktop. Buying a Dell is another story. Buying Dell computers is like buying mall jewelry, if you pay full price you are paying waaay too much. It always takes me a ton of time to price a Dell because of the way Dell’s website is setup you can come up with several prices for the same computer. I have also found that you are offered different configuration options on the same model depending on what path you take through the order process.

If you intend on ever buying Dell products I suggest you create an account at Dell.

Once your account is created go to the Dell Subscription Center and Subscribe to Dell product information and special offers via e-mail, mail, phone, fax and/or mobile text messages. Dell will send you their current deals.

My wife has been needing a new laptop and when I received an email from Dell with a 38% of discount code for the model she wanted it was time to bite the bullet. With my 38% off coupon I went to Dells website. The first thing you find is that they have different sections for “Home” and “Small & Medium Business.” In the past I have found that you get different prices for the same products in each of these sections. You need to price out your computer in each to find which is better. I have always found better prices in the “Small & Medium Business” section but that may not always be true. In this case I found that the laptop we chose was only offered in the “Small & Medium Business” section so I didn’t have to mess about in the “Home” area.

We had decided on a Dell Latitude laptop. Once into the Latitude section we were faced with 14 models. I quickly narrowed the choices down to 3 similar models. I priced each one out configured for my wife and that helped us narrow it down to 2 models, the E5420 and the E5520. The main diffrence being overall size and screen size. It was interesting that the 14″ model ended up being $35 more than the 15.6″ model. My wife was initially leaning toward the smaller size but really hated the idea of paying more for less. In the end we chose the 15.6″ E5520 model.

I did some Googling for E5520 deals and found site called LogicBuy which not only had my 38% off coupon listed but when using their link to Dell I received an additional 3% off. Give them a try.

Once you select your model Dell presents you with a page containing 5 pre-configured models that you can customize. I don’t know if this is always true but I’ve found that the best price/performance starting point is to choose the second model from the left. The first one is the el cheapo model and sometimes does not even offer the better upgrade options. Dell also typically has some free upgrade deals running and you often won’t find these on the cheapest model. The middle choice is usually the off-the-shelf quick shipping model with very limited upgrade options. Unless you really need it fast don’t choose this model.

Choosing the second from the left model I was given all the upgrade options and in this case I also receive a free memory upgrade from 2GB to 4GB and free shipping. I went through and configured the laptop just the way we wanted it. When you are choosing your options remember that while they may look a little expensive the price I paid for them was actually 41% less than the listed price. For example I ordered a copy of Windows 7 on DVD, list price was $3.00 but I only paid $1.58 after the discounts.

The only bummer about ordering a custom computer from Dell is the waiting. Our estimated delivery date is 22 days after our order date. It should be worth it. For just a little more that what we would have paid for an off-the-shelf laptop from our local computer big box store we are getting a much more powerful laptop with just the features we need.

Just remember if you are shopping Dell don’t pay full price. In the end I only paid about 50% of retail for my new laptop (41% discount + $85 free memory upgrade + free shipping). If you go to the Dell Outlet you can find even better deals on refurbished computers. You don’t get to customize them other than adding accessories and you might not find the exact model you want but you will find good deals.

I hope my experience helps you get a better deal from Dell.

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3 Responses to Getting a Deal on a Dell Computer

  1. JD says:

    My name is JD. Your article about Dell Laptop deals is very nice and informative. Being part of dell, I think Dell website is the nice online place to buy dell laptops as they have good deals out there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stew Mikkos says:

    I concur completely. For years I’ve been a small business customer of Dell and the email offers have always lead me to their best deals*. However, you have to constantly research the dell website to make sure you keep abreast of the current configurations so you can compare your email deals appropriately. It is a little irritating that Dell plays so many games with their pricing however it’s sort of fun to snag a stellar deal every year and and incredibly great steal once every two years. November seems to be the best time for these sales. Overall, I’ve had about twenty dell computers throughout the years and they all work fantastic.

    *However, at this moment, it seems that the Dell Home category of the website is offering an incredible deal on a computer that is more expensive in the Small Business category. Go figure, lol!

  3. seotuners says:

    I had some doubts, after reading this post Dell Refurbished Servers. I am cleared now. Keep up the good work. This blog is really interesting and gives good details.

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