VOIP Phone Service Deal $7.75/month Unlimited Calling

Don’t pay attention to the price on the ad, the price is even lower now! With the current promotion it should say $6.21 /month! With taxes and fees added it comes to a whopping $7.75 a month for complete telephone service with unlimited U.S. and Canada calling.

Times are tight and I have been looking at my bills and some of them are outrageous. I posted a while back how I saved $350 a year on my Comast bill: http://www.craigharris.org/2011/01/12/how-i-saved-350-on-my-comcast-tv-bill/ and now I will tell you how I will be saving $385 on my telephone bill. I have to admit that I haven’t made the switch yet. I will be posting service reviews after I am up and running.

My basic phone bill is just a few cents under $40 a month. That is with zero out of the area calling and only basic services such as caller ID. Outrageous. Lots of people are just switching to using their cell phones for everything but lengthy calls can force you to get expensive rate plans. Besides I like using real phones and I do want to keep my phone number as it has been in the family since about 1965. VOIP or Internet phone is the answer for me.

There are lots of Internet phone services or VOIP services out there. Some companies such as Magic Jack have tons of bad reviews. Others such as Comcast and Vonage are just a little too expensive. I’m looking for a good full featured service with a cheap price. After much research I narrowed the field down to these few:

On the face of it Ooma looks good. You buy their box (a little expensive but not bad) and get free calls forever. The problem is that if you want any features you have to pay a monthly or yearly fee. Not that great a deal. Prorated over 2 years the basic service costs $15.58 a month* and the Premier sevice with all the features would cost $23.91 a month*. Keeping this service longer will lower the per month costs because of the high initial buy-in.

Callcentric wins only if you want a phone that you rarely use. It’s pay-per-minute plan is cheap if you don’t use the phone, but even then it is only about 50 cents a month cheaper than VOIPo with unlimited calling. If you don’t use the phone it will only cost $7.16 a month* over 2 years but if you talk an average of just 10 minutes a day your monthly cost jumps to $11.66*.

I was really set to get Phonepower until VOIPo lowered their rates. Phonepower is a great service with all the features you could want. You can get free (after rebate) hardware from Amazon.com or Frys. Their 2 year service deal works out to about $12.10 a month*. I really like this service.

VOIPo currently has the deal that can’t be beat. It offers every feature you can think of and their 2 year plan works out to only $7.75 a month* for unlimited calling anywhere in the US and Canada. They even include one hour of International calling every month along with some of the lowest long distance rates I have found. This service includes free number porting, free hardware lease and no set-up fees. If you don’t like their service and cancel in the first 30 days they refund 100% of your money. If you cancel after 30 days but before the 2 years is up they will refund the remaining months so you are never out.

*They way I came up with these monthly cost were to add up two years of service including all taxes and fees, plus any hardware costs, plus any set-up fees, plus the cost to port your phone number to their service. I then subtracted any available discounts and divided by 24 to get the average monthly cost.

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