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More Memory – Tip

Lately my computer has been getting slow. (It is a Windows XP machine with 2GB of memory I built 5 years ago.) Frequently it would suddenly get slow as molasses and I would see the red hard disk access light … Continue reading

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Best Commercial Ever!

Guinness This is in my opinion is not only the best Guinness commercial but the best beer commercial ever made. In fact I would say it is the best commercial every made. While it is a little racy it isn’t … Continue reading

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My next motorcycle?

I am a big fan of little bikes. While I do own a Hayabusa I spend most of my time riding, and racing, 250 Ninjas. A photo supposedly from a KTM dealer convention came my way and has got me … Continue reading

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Passwords – How to keep them safe and not lose them! – Software

Passwords…how many do you have? Ebay, Email, Paypal, Bill Pay, Internet Forums, Software Registration, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, on and on. Too many passwords. My first password was to Compuserve. For years is was on a small piece of paper kept … Continue reading

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Back Up Your Computer

Do you back up your computer regularly or at all? Yesterday I was searching Google and clicking on search results when all of the sudden my computer went haywire! Microsoft Home anti-virus popped up telling me I had a virus. … Continue reading

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Top Gear 2012 Season 18

Attention Top Gear fans! I’ve just received news from a fairly good source that the new season of Top Gear UK will start on Sunday January 29th on BBC2 at 8pm GMT. I’ve been searching for information about the new … Continue reading

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Ten Best TV Series

I am a fan of the mini-series, a television show production which tells a story in a limited number of episodes. I really like a serial that you can follow episode to episode to its conclusion. At night I like … Continue reading

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