VOIPo Discount Coupon Video

Activation Link: http://www.voipo.com/2747.html
Promo Code: 6503220803

This is a video I made for YouTube to promote the VOIPo phone service. I made the video with Camtasia Studio software. I really like the software and may do a full review of it in the future. If you’ve ever wanted to make a screen capture video this is the software to use. At $299.00 it is a bit pricey but at the same time it has editing power that rivals Sony Vegas Pro video editing software. It is great for making YouTube videos.

As explained in the video this coupon gets you a month of free VOIPo service. When you use my promo code I get a free month added to my service too. You can read my earlier VOIPo review here.

Download the VOIPo .PDF Printable Coupon Here.

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