Send To – Tip

Windows has a nifty function called Send To. Right-click on any file and the popup menu has Send To option with a little arrow next to it. When you select it a menu of options appears. Double-clicking on a file opens it in its default application but Send To lets you do something else with it. Double-click on a .JPG file and it opens in some image viewing software but Send To can send it to your editing software. The problem is that since Windows XP it isn’t exactly clear how you personalize the Send To list. Here is how:

Click Start then click Run and type sendto into the box and click OK.

Up will pop Windows Explorer with all your SendTo shortcuts. Just delete the ones you don’t want. To add new ones just go to your start menu and click-and-drag the applications you want into your Send To Explorer box. Now you have a custom Send To list :)

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