Force India Invisable in Bahrain

F1 may have blackballed Force India racing from TV but we know they are there. I’m posting Force India photos here to make up for them not being shown on TV.

For those of you unaware of the situation last years Bahrain F1 race was cancelled because of civil unrest in the country. It was deemed unsafe for F1 to travel there. This years race was giving the green light at the very last minute despite many nervous teams. Wednesday a car carrying Force India team members came under attack. The road was barricaded with burning debris and Molotov Cocktails were hurled at the car. The Force India team escaped but not before being hit by tear gas being fired at the protesters. Two of the team members were permitted to immediately return home to England.

Friday the Force India team skipped FP2 and left the track as early as possible to reorganize the team get back to the hotel before dark. Because the team did not appear in FP2 they were blackballed from Saturday TV coverage by F1! Even though one of their cars qualified for Q2 and the other car made it all the way into Q1 they were NEVER shown on TV! Force India may be invisible on television but they are not invisible here!

F1 may not be showing images of Force India but I will. I’ll be drinking a Kingfisher in their honor tomorrow!

It is understandable that the team members and their families are concerned about their safety. They should be praised for being there; not ridiculed and punished for closing shop early to get the team to a hotel before dark. The top teams are put up at the Sofitel next to the track but the teams farther back on the grid must make a 20 mile drive into town and the heart of the riots.

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