My New Dream Bike – KTM 690 Duke Track

KTM does it again. They build an incredible track bike and fail to bring it to the United States. This bike is a pure racing machine that doesn’t need to conform to any stupid US regulations and we still can’t get one :(

I love small bikes and at 308lbs this one weighs about the same as my 250 Ninja race bike. The Duke 690 single has a bit more punch with 79hp on tap. The press release says that this bike will sell for under 10,000 euros (about $12,500.00). That may sound like a lot for a single but I guestimate the value of the race goodies on this bike to be worth well over $9000.00 making this bike a real bargain.

Some of the goodies included with this bike:
Marchesini Wheels
WP fully adjustable suspension
Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust
Race bodywork w/belly pan
APTC Slipper Clutch
Bigger Cam and Airbox
Renthal Bars
Brembo brakes w/ABS delete
Pirelli Supercorsa Tires
Powersports Seat
Powerparts Footpegs
Powersports Crash Bars

I would love to race this bike in the Formula Singles class. If anyone would like to sponsor me I’ll start calling European dealerships and see if I can get one :)

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3 Responses to My New Dream Bike – KTM 690 Duke Track

  1. This is a great bike indeed. I can see why this would be your dream Bike. Let me know if you do get a sponsor. By the way the video is awesome. I like how they slow down the video on the curves.

  2. just want to say my son rode in the ktm junior cup .the bike and the series was fantastic and we were both sorry to see it end .josh and i would like to thank ktm and all there staff for a fantastic bike and support .
    wishing ktm all the best for the futre from josh harland racing

    • Craig Harris says:

      Hi Shaun, I really like your website. I too was disappointed to see the European Junior Cup move from KTM to Honda. As you can tell I’m a big fan of the bike even though I’ve never had the opportunity to ride one. It just seemed like the perfect bike for that level of racing. I was also hoping that KTM would keep making these bikes and there would be more chances for me to get one.

      What is Josh riding for 2013?

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