Hyper Cache My New Favorite WordPress Plugin

Hyper-CacheWordPress creates each and every page on-the-fly. Even with a fairly powerful server this can take some time. Hyper Cache makes a copy of each page and serves that up in a fraction of the time it takes for a standard WordPress page. My pages from 1.3 seconds for a simple page to almost 5 seconds for a complex page with 50 images on it. After installing Hyper Cache all my pages appear in well under a second.

In the past I’ve looked at other cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache but have shied away due to complexity or compatibility issues. While both these plugins are very popular with huge followings I was put off by stories of steep learning curves (W3 Total Cache) or not being updated to keep up with new WordPress Releases (WP Super Cache). I was revisiting those plugins when I found Hyper Cache. Hyper Cache is much less known but I’ve yet to find a bad review about it.

I installed Hyper Cache and my site was immediately much much faster. One note is that you need to log out as an administrator before you can see Hyper Cache work. You won’t see the cached pages or speed as long as you are logged into your WordPress site. The best part is that within 24 hours I saw a measurable increase in traffic. Google gives a higher rating to fast sites plus surfers tend to stay longer when they don’t have to wait between clicks.

Another plus is that this plugin dramatically reduces load on your server. Other processes will run faster and you will be handle a lot more traffic before you will need an upgrade.

Installation is pretty simple. First install the Hyper Cache plugin. Second add the following bit of code to the wp-config.php file which is in the main WordPress directory:

/** Hyper Cache plugin */
define('WP_CACHE', true);

This needs to be near the top of your wp-config file! The author says to put it just after the define('WPLANG', ''); line.

So far I’ve installed Hyper Cache on 6 different sites and so far I haven’t found any issues. There are a number of configuration settings but so far I have left them all at the defaults and am very happy. I’m still in the testing stages with this plugin but it looks like it may be a standard on all my WordPress sites.

Hyper Cache Home Page
Hyper Cache at WordPress.org

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4 Responses to Hyper Cache My New Favorite WordPress Plugin

  1. Lorenzo says:

    This is definitely one way to speed up your website. Also take a look at the P3 Profiler plugin. You can use it to find the slowest plugins on your site.

    You can then decide to keep them running or replace with alternative plugins that use less resources.

  2. morzak says:

    the hyper cache plugin is very good and its very easy to used

  3. Toni says:

    Great post. I used to use W3 Toral Cache but started having issues with numerous themes. I then used Supercache but then got the page timestamp issues. I noticed that if you Google search this issue it goes on page after page! So I went for Hyper cache and it works beautifully! I am also getting the 1 second page loads and also checked my site in Pingdom tools. Loaded in milliseconds. As with your site Craig I left the default settings.

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