How I Got FREE Phone Service for the Rest of My Life



I’ve had Voipo VOIP phone service for over a year now. I’ve written about it a few times. It is a great service that replaced my old AT&T home phone line that I was paying well over $40 a month for. And it was only that cheap because I was using Google Voice for all my long distance calls. So I now have VOIPo phone service and I will never have to pay anything for as long as I live.*

VOIPo is a great phone service that uses your broadband Internet connection to make calls. You just plug your home phone(s) into the provided box, then plug it into your Internet connection and start making calls. It’s full featured with free voice mail, caller ID, long distance and most every other phone service you can think of. You even get an hour of International calling free every month.

I know what you are thinking, nothing is completely free, what is the catch? Here is how I did it. I signed up for Voipo’s two year deal for $149 and used the Promo Code: 6503220803 to get an extra free month service. So right about now you are doing the math and thinking $6 a month is cheap but not free. The key is the promo code. Anyone who uses it gets a free month but so does the person the code belongs to. Once you set up service just ask Voipo for your own promo code. Which is what I did. Pass it around the Internet by mentioning it in forums, using it in your signature and posting it to deal sites. Every month I get several months added to my service. As I mentioned I am currently paid up for what I expect to be the rest of my life. If you take into account my $149 initial investment my phone service works out to cost 36 cents a month.

If I move I can just take my VOIPo box with me and plug it in to start making and receiving calls as if nothing has changed.

VOIPo Coupon I made along with a YouTube video.
Voipo Website:

*As long as I live currently assumes that I won’t live past the age of 82 84 85 86 87 89 90 91 92 95 97 years. I’m still adding free months to my service so that should get extended till long after I’m gone.

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