MEGA the Awesome New File Sharing Service gives 50 Gigs FREE!

Mega The Privacy Company

Watch out Dropbox, Pogoplug, SpiderOak and all you other cloud storage sites. There is a new player online and its name is Mega.

For those of you that missed it there used to be a file sharing site called MegaUpload. The FBI decided to make it the scapegoat for all online copyright infringing file trading. The site was shutdown, its servers were confiscated and its founder Kim Dotcom arrested. Exactly one year to the day later Kim Dotcom is back with a new better site.

The new Mega gives free accounts 50 Gigabytes of secure storage. To protect your privacy all your files are encrypted before they even get to Mega so only you know what they contain. There are no file size limits and little in the way of bandwidth limits either. There is nothing to install to get started with Mega. There is a very slick browser interface to handle all your file management needs. If you need more than 50 gigs of storage there are currently 3 Pro accounts priced at 9.95, 19.95 and 29.95 euros a month for 500GB, 2TB and 4TB of storage respectively.

Over 1 million users signed up for free accounts in the first 24 hours. The site was overloaded for the first few days but has been running fast ever since handling over 500 uploads per second. Downloads have been clocked at 1 to 2 times faster than Dropbox downloads. There are a ton of new features in the works including encrypted video streaming.

This is a great free site with tons of uses. Enjoy!

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