Let me introduce myself. My name is Craig Harris and I grew up in Belmont, California. I am a graduate of San Francisco State University with a business degree. I’ve lived in London, England and Beaverton, Oregon. I currently live in Menlo Park, California. I’ve turned my static home page into a blog so that I can post interesting things I come across. I hope you find it interesting and/or useful.

About the photo at the top of the page. It was taken on about 1987 at Willow Springs Raceway in California during practice for the upcoming ARRA 6-hour endurance race. I’m in the lead on bike 890 (a 1984 Kawasaki 900 Ninja). Behind me on bike 103 is my buddy Mike Earnest. His bike is a 1986 600 Ninja with a 1987 750 Ninja Engine. We put it together in my garage from a pile of crashed bikes we had. After the photo was taken we were reprimanded by track officials for “riding too fast!” The bikes behind us in the photo were the clubs hot riders and we had just passed them. :)

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