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Selected Books

Book CoverThe Male Nude
by David Leddick (Paperback).

David Leddick's The Male Nude is an almost 800-page survey of the nude male in photography of the past century that presents us with the changes in body type, beauty, and sexual affect that have occurred over the past 100 years, but with evolving notions of "art" and "culture" as well. From Victorian prints of strong men to the "health" photos of the 1940s and '50s to the works of contemporary artists such as Mapplethorpe, Bruce Weber, and Nan Goldin, David Leddick charts the evolutions that the male body--and gay culture--have taken for ten decades.
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Book CoverRIPS Underwear
by Storm Jenkins, Garrett Cunneen (Paperback).

RIPS coffee table book. 92 pages of black and white photographs of RIPS underwear models. Photographers Storm Jenkins and Garrett Cunneen are based in Los Angeles, California. Their RIPS look book features fine black and white images of stunning male models wearing the underwear garments produced by their company RIPSwear, Inc.
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Book CoverAdam : The Male Figure in Art
by Edward Lucie-Smith (Hardcover).

With lavish illustrations and an incisive, witty text, "Adam" reveals a history of the male in art of every medium. This book shows how the heroic nude traversed the centuries--making "Adam" a fascinating and entertaining romp through the history of art and sexuality. 250 illustrations, most in color.
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Book CoverIn the Studio
by Tom Bianchi (Hardcover).

In this most daring and original collection of male erotica to date, Tom Bianchi presents a body of work that will startle and challenge the world of photography. Eschewing the settings normally associated with his work outdoors, Bianchi returns to the studio to create these raw, powerful, and intensely intimate portraits of gay men. 80 photos.
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Book CoverMen Two
by Klaus Gerhart (Photographer) (Paperback).

Another photographic collection by Klaus Gerhart: Men Two. These photographs look well beyond the nudity to see beautiful muscles or sensuous shadows; there are facial expressions that reflect thought, or realism, or desire and not just self-consciousness. It's incredibly refreshing to see the nude treated with a real eye for form, shape and texture. This work is impressive!
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Book CoverCosta
by Bill Costa (Hardcover).

"With their refreshing sense of serendipity and their use of contrast between subject and background, Bill Costa's photographs are among the most visually arresting male nudes ever seen. Eschewing the standard art aesthetic of the nude, Costa establishes a sense of shared intimacy between his models and the viewer thorugh his photographs. His images are at once powerful and familiar, erotically charged without abandoning a sense of the commonplace."
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Book CoverMassengill
by Reed Massengill (Hardcover).

This brilliant collection by a gifted newcomer brings a fresh, innovative eye to the photographic study of the male nude. Massengill's work combines the very best qualities of classic male nude photography with a keen and often sublime artistic insight. 49 black and white photos.
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Book CoverMakos (Stonewall Inn Book/Photographer Series)
by Christopher Makos (Paperback).

Christopher Makos is an internationally known photographer and a seminal figure in the contemporary art scene. In this compelling portfolio, Makos brings his keen eye and considerable talents to bear on an inaugural collection of male nudes. 45 photos.
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Book CoverFully Exposed : The Male Nude in Photography
by Emmanuel Cooper (Paperback).

Lavishly illustrated with over 200 photos, this volume tells not only one but multiple histories of the production of images of the male nude, setting the photographer and the model within our cultural and historical perception, and prejudices. Includes the work of Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber, and Robert Mapplethorpe, among others.
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Book Cover100 Males Nudes

This book does have some great stuff but look at the physical dimensions of it, it's pocketsize. It has pictures from the classic magazine "Physique Pictorial". There is great stuff in here. Truly classic.
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