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Google Chrome Waiting for Hard Disk Fix

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Tivo Remote Control Fix

Last night my wife said her Tivo remote control was broken. The remote control appeared to be working but the Tivo was not responding. I did the usual checks; batteries were good, red light on remote came on, remote could … Continue reading

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My New Synology NAS

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My Current Ebay For Sale Listings:

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Wipe Your Hard Disks Clean

Are you getting rid of an old computer or upgrading your hard drive? Are you sure that all your personal information has been removed from that old desktop/laptop/drive? There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there that pick up … Continue reading

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How I Got FREE Phone Service for the Rest of My Life

I’ve had Voipo VOIP phone service for over a year now. I’ve written about it a few times. It is a great service that replaced my old AT&T home phone line that I was paying well over $40 a month … Continue reading

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MEGA the Awesome New File Sharing Service gives 50 Gigs FREE!

Watch out Dropbox, Pogoplug, SpiderOak and all you other cloud storage sites. There is a new player online and its name is Mega. For those of you that missed it there used to be a file sharing site called MegaUpload. … Continue reading

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Hyper Cache My New Favorite WordPress Plugin

WordPress creates each and every page on-the-fly. Even with a fairly powerful server this can take some time. Hyper Cache makes a copy of each page and serves that up in a fraction of the time it takes for a … Continue reading

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BACK UP Your Computer with FREE Acronis True Image Home Software

Thirty-Five percent of computer owners never back up their computers!* If you are one of the many people who still do not back up their computers NOW IS THE TIME TO START!!! Hard drives fail, computers get viruses, people delete … Continue reading

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My New Dream Bike – KTM 690 Duke Track

KTM does it again. They build an incredible track bike and fail to bring it to the United States. This bike is a pure racing machine that doesn’t need to conform to any stupid US regulations and we still can’t … Continue reading

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