John BASE (RIN: 2661) was born abt. 1821 in Karolswalde, Wolynskie, Poland. He married Helena SCHMIDT abt. 1841 in Russia. He died 1872 in Karolswalde, Wolynskie, Poland. Helena SCHMIDT (RIN: 2662), daughter of Jacob SCHMIDT and Anna , was born 17 January 1822 in Karolswalde, Wolynskie, Poland. She died 29 February 1908 in Near Pawnee Rock, Kansas.

Children of John BASE and Helena SCHMIDT are:
1. Elizabeth BASE (RIN: 2659), b. 14 June 1852 See Carl SCHARTNER & Elizabeth BASE

Notes for John BASE:

Notes for Helena SCHMIDT:

First person buried in the Mennonite Memorial Cemetary north of Pawnee Rock, Kansas. Said to be one of 9 children of Jacob Schmidt and wife Anna, maiden name unknown.

According to the research of Malinda Base Friesen, Mrs. Leonard C. Base, and Mrs. Richard D. Base, Lena (Helena) Base came to America on the ship Kenilworth (Kennelworth), arriving at Philadelphia Jan. 9, 1875 with children Samuel, age 17, Maria (Mary) 15 yrs., Agnatha (Nettie) 12 yrs., and John J., the youngest child at 11 yrs. Jacob J. Base, wife and son, were also on the Kenilworth. Henry and Benjamin, the oldest sons, came with their wives and children sometime during the 1874-1875 time period. Elizabeth and Anna were also married at the time when they and their families left Volhynia, Russia, and immigrated to America during the middle of the 1870's. Andrew, the third known son, never left Russia. It was Andrew's son, John, who came to Anerica and later settled in Hutchinson, Kansas. John J. Baze, youngest son of "Lena" and John Base, said many times he was the youngest of 14 children. The researchers could only determine the names of ten children as being the issue of John and Lena Base. As to John Base's age, this was deteremined by the researchers based on two sources. Samuel Base, b. 20 Dec. 1857, said he was about 15 years old when his father died. He indicated his father was 48 when he died. The youngest son, John J., indicates the father was 51 years old when he died. The information pertaining to the Base and Shartner families was provided in a book " The "Boese, Baize, Base" Family, The Lineage", Centennial Edition 1974. The book is in the possession of Lawneta (Base) Cott.