Robert NOYES (RIN: 1690), son of Nicholas NOYES and , was born abt. 1518 in Cholderton, Wiltshire, England. He married bef. 1568. He died aft. 17 November 1599 in Cholderton, Wiltshire, England.  (RIN: 2125).

Children of Robert NOYES and are:
1. William NOYES (RIN: 0541), b. abt. 1568 See William NOYES & Anne PARKER OR William NOYES & Ann STEPHENS
2. Richard NOYES (RIN: 0551)
3. Robert NOYES (RIN: 0552), b. 1570

Notes for Robert NOYES:

Noyes, Robert (~1518 - >1599) - male
b. ABT 1518 in Cholderton, Wiltshire, England
d. AFT 17 NOV 1599
father: Noyes, Nicholas(~1496 - >1564)

Married before 1568 a woman whose name is presently unknown. Robert was many times in court, particularly
regarding the manor of Littleton.

Robert Noyes was listed in the subsidies of 10 September 13 Elizabeth I [1571] and 42 Elizabeth I [1599/1600]
(Chancery Proceedings, Series II, C3/151/91).

While we have been taught to look with suspicion on ages given in round numbers, Robert's 1598 deposition suggests
that he was nearly fifty years old when his first known child was born. When Richard Noyes of Manningford Bruce in
1590/91 gave a small legacy to "every of the sonnes of Robert Noyes of Chowlderton," the implication was that there
were at least two boys and probably more. Evidence of only two have been found.

Deat Note

When he ws listed on the subsidy roll of 42 Elizabeth I.

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