John LUPPINGCOTT (RIN: 0885), son of John LUPPINGCOTT and WYKE , was born 1461 in Manor of Webbery, parish of Alverdiscott, Devonshire, England. He married Jane LAPLODED 1487 in Wilbery, Devonshire, England. He died 1500 in Manor of Webbery, parish of Alverdiscott, Devonshire, England. Jane LAPLODED (RIN: 0886), daughter of John LAPLODE and Jane , was born 1465 in Devonshire, England. She died aft. 1480 in Devonshire, England.

Children of John LUPPINGCOTT and Jane LAPLODED are:
1. Phillip LUPPINGCOTT (RIN: 0876), b. 1487 See Phillip LUPPINGCOTT & Alice GOUGHE OR Phillip LUPPINGCOTT & Jane LARDER OR Phillip LUPPINGCOTT & Alice DYRRANTE
2. Thomas LUPPINGCOTT (RIN: 0887), b. abt. 1479 See Thomas LUPPINGCOTT &
3. Anne LUPPINGCOTT (RIN: 2158), b. abt. 1474 See John HARLEWIN & Anne LUPPINGCOTT
4. John LUPPINGCOTT (RIN: 2160), b. abt. 1474
5. William LUPPINGCOTT (RIN: 2161), b. abt. 1476
6. Lewis LUPPINGCOTT (RIN: 2162), b. abt. 1478

Notes for John LUPPINGCOTT:

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Arms: Per fesse embattled gules and sable, three leopards passant argent spotted of the second.
Crest: Out of a mural crown gules five ostrich feathers alternately argent and azure.
Motto: Secundus dubiisque rectus.

Notes for Jane LAPLODED:

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Sidbury, Devon, England, Father: John Laplode).
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Arms: (Laplode) Argent a chevron gules between three goats heads couped of the second armed or.

Notes for John LUPPINGCOTT:

Notes for William LUPPINGCOTT:

Notes for Lewis LUPPINGCOTT: