John ELFORD (RIN: 2139), son of Roger ELFORD and , was born bet. 1445 and 1450 in Tamerton Foliot, Devonshire, England. He married Johanne SCUDAMORE abt. 1470 in Sheepstor, Devonshire, England. He died 1503 in Sheepstor, Devonshire, England. Johanne SCUDAMORE (RIN: 2140), daughter of John SCUDAMORE and , was born aft. 1450 in Sheepstor, Devonshire, England.

Children of John ELFORD and Johanne SCUDAMORE are:
1. John ELFORD (RIN: 2134), b. aft. 1470 See John ELFORD & COLE
2. Roger ELFORD (RIN: 2141), b. aft. 1470

Notes for John ELFORD:

Ref: Devon Parrish Registers, Burials, Volume 3, The Elford Pedigree, Devonshire, England.
Ref: "The Elfords: The Story of an Ancient English Family," by Laura Smallwood Elford.
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page 35.
Ref: "The Lippincotts of England and America," by James S. Lippincott, pub. 1909, Philadelphia, page 24.

"The Elfords were and ancient family, who had established themselves at Peter Tavy at an early period. Sometime in the fifteenth century
a branch of the family migrated south and established a small farm on the edge of Dartmoor to which they gave their name "Elfordtowne"
from which grew the modern village of Yelverton. Following the Scudamore inheritance, their principal seat became Longstone,
anciently the capital messuage of the Manor & Free Hamlet of Sheepstor. This title should perhaps be stressed, the name of the property
is not Longstone Manor! Longstone Barton would perhaps be a more apposite name."

Source: "Brief Notes on the Elford tablet in Sheepstor Church," by Mike Brown, Dartmoor Press, Plymouth, Devonshire, England.

According to Laura Smallwood Elford in her publication "The Elfords: The Story of and Ancient English Family," John Elford is said to
be the son of Roger Elford.

Arms: Per pale argent and sable, a lion rampant gules.

Notes for Johanne SCUDAMORE:

Also known as: Joane

"The Scudamores were anciently Lords of the Manor & Free Hamlet of Sheepstor, and it was through the circa 1470 marriage of John
Elford to Joane, daughter of John Scudamore, that the Elfords inherited the Lordship, following the death of John Scudamore in 1517. As
Joane was sole heiress, the Scudamore coat (of arms) was also inherited, and later generations of Elfords were thus entitled to quarter
Scudamore with their own arms."

Source: "Brief Notes on the Elford Tablet in Sheepstor Church," by Mike Brown, Dartmoor Press, Plymouth, Devonshire, England.

"John Scudamore had two daughters, coheirs, Dionisia, who married Cole, and had issue John Cole, of Addiscombe, in county Devon,
and Johanne (Joan) , who married John Elford, and had issue John of Shittistore, John Scudamore died 6 Feb. 1517, buried under a faire
stone in Shittistore Church. Every trace of this "faire stone" has now disappeared. His arms, on the family monuments, erected at a later
date, and to which I shall have occasion frequently to refer, are impaled with a bull passant, which are attributed to Bevill, in an Heraldic
MS., which gives the Blazons and names of these Elford shields, at Sheepstor, but it is more probable that his wife was a daughter of
Cole, although there is certainly no trace of the bordure bezantee, which constitutes the difference between the arms of Bevill and Cole.
His son was Roger Elford of Shittistore, who married, according to Heraldic evidence, a daughter of Adams."

Source: Devon Parish Registers, Burials, Volume 3, Devonshire, England.

Notes for Roger ELFORD: