Henry SEWALL (RIN: 2208), son of Henry SEWALL and Margaret GRAZEBROOK , was born 08 April 1576 in Coventry, England. He married Anne HUNT 1613 in Manchester, England. He died JAN 1655/56 in Rowley, Massachusetts. Anne HUNT (RIN: 2209) was born 09 July 1587 in England. She died July 1615 in England.

Children of Henry SEWALL and Anne HUNT are:
1. Henry SEWALL (RIN: 2202), b. 25 June 1615 See Henry SEWALL, Jr. & Jane DUMMER

Other Marriages/Unions for Henry SEWALL:
See Henry SEWALL & Ellen MOSLEY

Notes for Henry SEWALL:

This Henry seemed to be in trouble as was indicated by the wills of his parents. He lived in Manchester, England, probably from his first marriage until he came to New England in 1635 with his second wife, Ellen, and settled first in Newbury and then in Rowley. My notes indicate that history recorded him as being dissatisfied with everybody and everything, as being separarted from his wife, and as causing a disturbance in the church of Ipswich before moving to Newbury and, finally, to Rowley where he died at more than 80 years old. His grandson, Chief Justice Sewall, wrote of him, "Out of dislike of the English hierarchy he sent over to New England his only son in the year 1634, with (neat?) cattle and provisions suitable for the New Plantation. During the latter part of his life he is said to have been slightly deranged." This last mention is evidently the reason of his being two or three times presented by the Grand Jury for various offenses and serves to explain his early difficulties with his mother, Margaret. In any case, it does seem that he did not adjust easily and did cause a lot of trouble wherever he stayed.

Henry and his wife Anne (Hunt) Sewall had one child:

* Henry, Jr., b. in Manchester, England, 1614, bpt. 25 June 1615; d. in Newbury, MA, 16 May 1700; m. Jane Dummer.

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Notes for Anne HUNT: