Tristram COFFIN (RIN: 2246), son of Peter COFFIN and Joanna THEMBER , was born 11 MAR 1608/09 in Plymouth, BrixtonParish, Devon, England. He married Dionis STEVENS 1630 in England. He died 20 October 1681 in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. Dionis STEVENS (RIN: 2247), daughter of Robert STEVENS and Dionis , was born 4 MAR 1609/10 in Brixton, England. She died 02 October 1661 in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

Children of Tristram COFFIN and Dionis STEVENS are:
1. Elizabeth COFFIN (RIN: 2245), b. abt. 01 May 1634 See Stephen GREENLEAF & Elizabeth COFFIN
2. Tristram Coffin JR. (RIN: 2260), b. abt. 1632 See Tristram Coffin JR. & Judith GREENLEAF

Notes for Tristram COFFIN:

Tristram and his family plus his mother and his two sisters had
moved to Newbury by 1647. Tristram was authorized by the
General Court to, "keep an ordinary and also a ferry" to carry
passengers from Newbury to Salisbury. By 1652, he was taxed in
Salisbury where he signed his name "Commissioner of Salisbury"
until 1660. In Salisbury, Tristram, along with Peter Folger,
organized a company of 10 proprietors for the purchase and
settlement of Nantucket. On 2 July 1659, they agreed to purchase
nine-tenths of the island from Gov. Thomas Mayhew for 10
pounds and other considerations plus two beaver hats, one for
Mayhew, the other for his wife. At the time, beaver hats were the
fashion in Europe and in America. The ten proprietors included our
ancestors Christopher Hussey and Stephen Greenleaf. Stephen
was Tristram's son-in-law. In July 1661, house lots were awarded
and Tristram Coffin was given first choice. For many years,
Tristram lived there and he with his son, Peter, held controlling
interest in the island. At that time, Nantucket was under the
jurisdiction of New York and Tristram was appointed "Governor"
of the island in 1671 (Albany Deeds, vol 3:62). Two years later his
commission is found in the Massachusetts Records. He held this
office until 1680.

Tristram and his wife Dionis (Stevens) Coffin had nine children:

Peter, b. in England, about 1630 or 1631; d. in Exeter, NH 21
March 1715; m. Abigail Starbuck. This family resided in
Dover, NH, where Peter was a selectman. They had nine
Tristram, Jr., b. in England, about 1632; d. in Newbury, MA,
4 Feb. 1704; m. in Newbury 2 March 1652/3 Judith
(Greenleaf) Somerby, daughter of Edmund and Sarah (Dole)
Greenleaf, and widow of Henry Somerby. This couple had
ten childre
Elizabeth, b. in England about 1634/5; m. 13 Nov. 1651 Capt.
Stephen Greenleaf, son of Edmund and Sarah (Dole)
James, b. in England, 12 Aug. 1640; d. 28 July 1720; m. in
Salisbury, 3 Dec. 1663 Mary Severance, daughter of John
Severance. This couple lived in Nantucket and had 14
John, date of birth unknown; d. in Haverhill, MA, 30 Oct.
Deborah, b. in Haverhill, MA, 15 Nov. 1642; d. 8 Dec. 1642.
Mary, b. in Haverhill, MA, 20 Feb. 1645; m. Nathaniel
Starbuck of Nantucke
John, b. in Haverhill, MA, 13 or 30 Oct. 1647; d. in
Edgartown, 1711; m. Deborah Austin. This couple lived in
Nantucket and had 7 childre
Stephen, b. in Newbury, MA, 11 May 1652; d. 18 May 1734;
m. Mary Bunker; residence Nantucket. This couple had 10

"...a MR...born in Brixham or Brixton parish...came to this country
in 1642, with his mother, two sisters, his wife and five children...Church at
Newbury states that he first came to Salisbury, thence to Haverhill the same
year, thence to Newbury about 1648, thence in 1654/5 to Salisbury again, where
he signed his name "Commissioner of Salisbury"...was taxed in Salisbury in 1652
and 1659, a company formed in Salisbury purchased Nantucket to which
island he removed in 1660 with his wife, mother and four children..."

"...baptised in Brixton Parish, town of Plymouth, Devonshire,
England in 1610...was selected in 1640 as a warden in Brixton Parish, b
leased his farm at Butlers [Butlass] for five hundred years on 6 November 1640
and came to New England in 1642, probably in the "Hector" but possibly in the
"Margaret Clement" or the "Job Clement", all owned by Robert Clement, w
signed the Indian Deed to Haverhill with Tristram Coffin 15 November 1642..."

"...came to New England in 1647 he moved to Newbury where
he was authorized to keep an ordinary and to "retayle wine, paying according to
order", and also to run a ferry on the Merrimack between Newbury and 1660 settled with part of his family on the island of Nantucket,
of which he was commissioned Chief Magistrate by Gov. Lovelace of New York in

Notes for Dionis STEVENS: