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(Germany), Prussia, Neumarkt, Brenkenhofswalde

(Martha's Vineayrd) Massachussets, Duckes County, Edgartown

(West) Virginia, probably Wood County


11 College Green Tredegar Arms

1st Church of Charlestown


































6th Ward, Douglas County, Kansas State Census




Aboard the ship "Bevis"

Aboard The Ship "Six Friends" at sea


Alabama, Montgomery

Alabama, Rucker

Albert Engal & Co

Arcata California, Dr. Parry's House

Arizona, Tuscon

At birth

At sea aboard "Aminity"

At sea to Java

Australia, Queensland, Bargara


AustraliaAustralia, Queensland, Bargara


Ballard Cemetery?

Bavaria, Palatine, Upper Rhine, Kriegshiem

Bavaria, Pfalz, Kriegshiem


Belvedere Hospital

Berkeley, University of California

Big Tygart Cemetery in Mineral Wells WV

Boston Massachusetts


Bucks County Pennsylvania, New Hope, Old Parry Mansion

Burlington Monthly Meeting

Business college night school

By Rev. F. S. Lawrence

By Rev. John G. Taylor

By Rev. S. H. Wiliey

Byberry, Friends Burying Ground

CA, Belmont

CA, Grave # 557 San Francisco National CemeteryPresidio of San Francisco, Section NAWS

CA, Humboldt, Arcata, Greenwood Cemetery

CA, Humboldt, Arcata

CA, Humboldt, Mad River

CA, Los Angeles

California Infantry company: F&S, 2nd Regiment, Surgeon

California, Alameda County

California, Alameda, Haywards

California, Altadena

California, Arcata, Greenwood Cemetary

California, Arcata

California, Belmont, Belmont Convalescent Hospital

California, Belmont

California, Berkeley, St. Clement's Episcopal Church

California, Berkley

California, Burlingame, 1423 Carlos Ave

California, Burlingame, 1528 Vancouver Ave

California, Burlingame

California, Capitola

California, Castro Valley

California, Colfax

California, Colma, Columbarium at Cypress Lawn Cemetary

California, Colma, Cypress Lawn Memorial Park

California, Colma, Cypress Lawn

California, Colma, Holy Cross Cemetary

California, Colma, Holy Cross Cemetery

California, Concord

California, Contra Costa County

California, Contra Costa, El Cerrito

California, Cordelia

California, Corte Madera

California, Covina

California, Crockett

California, Daly City

California, Eureka

California, Folsom

California, Hawthorne

California, Hollywood

California, Humboldt Co., Redwood Creek

California, Humboldt County, Eureka

California, Humboldt County, Freshwater

California, Humboldt County, Redwood Creek

California, Humboldt County

California, Humboldt, Arcata

California, Inyo County, Death Valley

California, LA Habra

California, La Mesa

California, Lincoln

California, Lived with Ada & Leroy Payne in Oakland

California, Lompoc, Vandenburg Village

California, Long Beach

California, Los Angeles County, Glendale

California, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles

California, Los Angeles County

California, Los Angeles, Inglewood Creamatorim

California, Los Angeles, Long Beach Township Long Beach Precinct 2

California, Los Angeles, Long Beach

California, Los Angeles, Mar Vista

California, Los Angeles

California, Maine to Santa Cruz

California, Mendocino County

California, Menlo Park

California, Milbrae

California, Mill Valley

California, Millbrae

California, Modesto

California, Monterey County

California, Monterey

California, Mount Tamalpias Cemetary

California, Napa, Hot Springs

California, Napa

California, North Hollywood, Bal Hala Crematorium

California, Oak Hill Memorial Park/San Jose

California, Oakland, 4401 Heart Street, Chapel of Memories

California, Oakland, Mt. View Cemetary

California, Oakland, Welsh Presbiterian Church

California, Oakland

California, Orange County, Seal Beach

California, Orinda

California, Palo Alto

California, Piedmont, Mt. View Cemetary

California, Piedmont, Oak & Piedmont Avenue

California, Piedmont

California, Pleasant Hills

California, Red Bluff

California, Redwood City

California, Sacramento

California, San Bernardino County

California, San Diego

California, San Francisco, 105 Lexington Avenue

California, San Francisco, 1050 Folsom

California, San Francisco, 1118 Filbert

California, San Francisco, 1317 Natoma

California, San Francisco, 1330 Pacific

California, San Francisco, 1511 Leavenworth

California, San Francisco, 158 Ninth

California, San Francisco, 1632 Sacramento

California, San Francisco, 1635 Hyde

California, San Francisco, 1704 Harrison Street

California, San Francisco, 2311 Larkin

California, San Francisco, 3670 18th Street

California, San Francisco, 604 Guerrero

California, San Francisco, 748 San Bruno Avenue

California, San Francisco, Heald's Business College

California, San Francisco, West Mission near 12th

California, San Francisco

California, San Jose, Oak Hill Memorial Park

California, San Jose, Oak Hills Memorial Park

California, San Jose

California, San Louis Obisbo

California, San Mateo County

California, San Mateo

California, San Ramon

California, Santa Clara County

California, Santa Clara

California, Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz

California, Santa Cruz County, Soquel

California, Santa Cruz County

California, Santa Cruz, Evergreen Cemetary

California, Santa Cruz

California, Santa Monica

California, Sisco or Truckee

California, Sonoma

California, Tiberon

California, Tiburon

California, Truckee

California, Vacaville

California, Vandenburg Village

California, Walnut Creek

California, Whittier

California, Yorba Linda

California, Yountville

California, Yuba County, Marysville

California, Yuba County




Captain-lieutenant in militi

Channel Islands, Jersey, Le Tacq


CO, Rio Grande county, Del Norte

Col. Benjamin Foster's regiment. Company marched to expidition of Major Bagaduce by order of Gen. Lovel, on Muster and Pay Roll of Captain John Hall's company, with the rank of sergent, Name appears

College of San Mateo


Colorado, Chaffee County, Salida

Colorado, Colorado Springs

Colorado, Del Norte

Colorado, Denver

Colorado, Fremont, South Canon Ward 1

Colorado, Rio Grande, Del Norte


Commisioned Lieutenant

Company J?, Kansas Regiment 6

Company K Infantry Private, Kansas Regiment 12

Connecticut, Glastonbury

Connecticut, Hartford County, Glastonbury

Connecticut, Hartford

Connecticut, Hockanum

Connecticut, Litchfield, Watertown

Connecticut, Middlesex County, Saybrook

Connecticut, New Haven, Guilford

Connecticut, New Haven

Connecticut, New London County, Stonington

Connecticut, Podunk

Connecticut, Wethersfield

Connecticut, Windsor

Conneticut, Norwich

Cornwall, Kilkhampton

Cornwall, Tregonye



Delaware, New Castle Co., Brandywine Hd

Delaware, New Castle Co., Wilmington

Delaware, New Castle Co

Delaware, New Castle, Wilmington, Holy Trinity Or Old Swedes Church

Delaware, New Castle

Delaware, Wilmington, New Castle, Brandywine Hundred


Denmark, Copenhagen


Devon, Weare Gifford

Died 5 hours after birth

Died at birth

District 93, Ward 1, San Jose Township, Santa Clara

Draft Registration Portland Oregon

East Machias

Eng, Lincolnshire, Alvingham

Eng, London, Hart Street, St. Olave

Eng, Yorkshire, Cottingham

England aboard Mary + John of London, Southhampton

England to America

England to Massachusetts, Southampton

England to Massachusetts

England to New York

England, , Kent, Tenterden Parish

England, , Of Horkesley

England, Basinshorpe, Of

England, Bath

England, Bedford, Renhold

England, Bedford, Sandy

England, Bedford

England, Bedfordshire, Dunstable

England, Bedfordshire, Edsworth

England, Bedfordshire, Edworth, Of

England, Bedfordshire, Edworth

England, Bedfordshire, near Sutton, Edworth

England, Bedfordshire, Sandy, Of

England, Bedfordshire, Sandy, St. Swithin's Church

England, Bedfordshire, Sandy

England, Bedfordshire, Sharpenow

England, Bedfordshire, Strethley

England, Bedfordshire

England, Benenden, Crotehill

England, Berkshire, Thatcham

England, Bishopstoke

England, Boxford

England, Bristol

England, Brixton Devonshire

England, Brixton

England, Buckingshire

England, Bury St Edmunds

England, Calverly

England, Cambridgeshire, Milbourne

England, Carlisle

England, Channel Islands, Isle of Jersey, St Owens

England, Channel Islands, Jersey, Le Tacq

England, Cheshire, Kinderton

England, Cheshire, Of Kinderton

England, Cheshire, Of Radnor

England, Cheshire, Of Shipbrooke

England, Cheshire, Of Woodhey

England, Cheshire, Woodhey

England, Cornet

England, Cornwall, Kylenham

England, Cornwall, Penheale

England, Cornwall, Tregony

England, Cornwall, Truro

England, Cornwall

England, County Haunts, Southhampton

England, County Lincoln, Little Bytham

England, County Suffolk, Syleham

England, County Warwick, Middleton

England, County Wilts, Cholderton

England, County Wilts, Salisbury

England, County Wiltshire, Cholderton, Cholderton churchyard

England, County Wiltshire, Cholderton

England, Coventry, Drapers' Chapel in St. Michael's Church

England, Coventry, Drapers� Chapel in St. Michael�s

England, Coventry

England, Cumberland, Denton

England, Cumberland, Harrington, Of

England, Cumbria, Maryport

England, Darlington

England, Devon, Almshayne

England, Devon, Brixton

England, Devon, BrixtonParish, Plymouth

England, Devon, Exeter

England, Devon, Lippincott Manor

England, Devon, Of Coombe

England, Devon, Plymouth, S Maurice

England, Devon, Sidbury, Pynehill

England, Devon, Sidbury

England, Devon, St. Mary, Of Ottery

England, Devon, St. Mary, Ottery

England, Devon, Sydbury

England, Devon, Tamerton Foliot

England, Devon

England, Devonshire, Alscot

England, Devonshire, Black Torrington

England, Devonshire, Brixton

England, Devonshire, Eastwood

England, Devonshire, Exeter

England, Devonshire, Ilfracombe

England, Devonshire, Luffincot

England, Devonshire, Lybury

England, Devonshire, near Bidford, Westleigh

England, Devonshire, Of Ottery

England, Devonshire, parish of Alverdiscott, Manor of Webbery

England, Devonshire, parish of Alverdiscott, Webbery

England, Devonshire, parish of Alversdiscott, Manor of Webbery

England, Devonshire, Parish of Black Torrington, Manor of Lughencot

England, Devonshire, Parish of Black Torrington

England, Devonshire, Plymouth, St. Andrew's

England, Devonshire, Plymouth, Stonehouse

England, Devonshire, Plymouth

England, Devonshire, Sheepstor, Probably Sheepstor Church

England, Devonshire, Sheepstor, Sheepstor Church

England, Devonshire, Sheepstor

England, Devonshire, Shepstor

England, Devonshire, Shuldtoon

England, Devonshire, St. Mary's, Plympton

England, Devonshire, Stevenstone

England, Devonshire, Stone House

England, Devonshire, Stonehouse

England, Devonshire, Tamerton Foliot

England, Devonshire, Wilbery

England, Devonshire

England, Durham, Carlbury

England, Durham, Darlington, Register Office

England, Durham, Darlington

England, Durham, Eryholme nr. Hurworth

England, Durham, High Coniscliffe

England, Durham, Hurworth, All Saints

England, Durham, Hurworth, Straight Lane

England, Durham, Hurworth

England, Durham, Hurworth-on-Tees

England, Durham, Middleton On Row

England, Durham, Middleton

England, Durham, Staindrop

England, Durham, Stockton On Tees

England, Edwardstone

England, Eng, Kent, Tenterden

England, Eng, Kent, Wye

England, England, Bedfordshire, Of Sutton

England, England, Devonshire, Ottery St. Mary

England, Essex, , Dedham

England, Essex, Bocking, Braintree, St Mary's Church

England, Essex, Braintree

England, Essex, Bronfield

England, Essex, Colchester

England, Essex, Dedham

England, Essex, Edwudstone

England, Essex, England Or Pebmarsh, Essex, Pemmersley

England, Essex, England Or Pebmarsh, Essex, Wickford

England, Essex, Great Dunmow

England, Essex, Ipswich

England, Essex, Kelvedon

England, Essex, Lindsell

England, Essex, Littlestanbridge, Of

England, Essex, Malden

England, Essex, Messing

England, Essex, Of Runwell

England, Essex, Of Wickford

England, Essex, Runwell

England, Essex, Shalford

England, Essex, Stanbridge, Of Little

England, Essex, Thaxted

England, Essex, Wickford

England, Gaydor

England, Gloucester, Newland

England, Gloucester, Slymbridge

England, Gloucester, Thornbury

England, Gloucester

England, Gloucestershire, Lechlade

England, Gloucestershire

England, Hampshire, Kimpton, Littleton

England, Hampshire, Kimpton

England, Hampshire, Overton and Durley

England, Hampshire, Overton

England, Hampshire, Owlsebury and Overton

England, Hampshire, Ramsey Abbey

England, Hampshire, Ramsey

England, Hampshire, Romsey

England, Hampshire, Tichfield

England, Hampshire, Titchfield, St. Peter's Church

England, Hampshire, Titchfield

England, Hampshire

England, Hants, Bishopstoke

England, Hants, Over Wallop

England, Hants, Romsey

England, Hants, Southampton

England, Herfordshire, Hinxworth

England, Hertfordshire, Hinxworth

England, Ipswich, St Nicholas Parish

England, Ipswich

England, Kent, Benenden, Of

England, Kent, Benenden

England, Kent, Biddenden

England, Kent, Cambridge

England, Kent, Cranbrook

England, Kent, Denton

England, Kent, Hollingbourne

England, Kent, Kent, Biddenden

England, Kent, Lamberhurst, Of Scotney Manor

England, Kent, Marden, Of

England, Kent, Marden

England, Kent, Of Tenderden

England, Kent, Of

England, Kent, Otham

England, Kent, Rochester, St Nicholas

England, Kent, Rochester

England, Kent, Selling, Of

England, Kent, Selling

England, Kent, Sellinge, Of

England, Kent, Tenterdel

England, Kent, Tenterden, Of

England, Kent, Tenterden, Selling

England, Kent, Tenterden, St. Mildred's

England, Kent, Tenterden, Tenterden

England, Kent, Tenterden

England, Kent

England, Leicester

England, Lincolnshire, Alvingham

England, Lincolnshire, Basingthrope

England, Lincolnshire, Bassingthorpe

England, Lincolnshire, Boston, Of

England, Lincolnshire, Copledike, Of

England, Lincolnshire, Frampton, St. Mary's Church

England, Lincolnshire, Frampton

England, Lincolnshire, Harrington, Of

England, Lincolnshire, Kirkby, Of

England, Lincolnshire, Of Basingthrope

England, Lincolnshire, Of Frampton

England, Lincolnshire, Of Girsby

England, Lincolnshire, Of Harrington

England, Lincolnshire, Panton, Of

England, Lincolnshire, Paunton

England, Lincolnshire, Probably Kirton

England, Lincolnshire, Stamford, All Saints

England, Lincolnshire, Stamford

England, Lincolnshire, Tolethorpe

England, Lincolnshire

England, Little Bythum

England, Little Sutton

England, London, Old Jewry, St. Olave

England, London, St. Helen

England, London

England, Lybury

England, Manchester Cathedral

England, Manchester

England, Middlesex, London, St Marylebone, 50 St Johns Wood Terrace

England, Middlesex, London

England, Moor Hall

England, Norfolkshire

England, Northampshire, Aynhoe

England, Northamptanshire, Aynhoe

England, Northamptonshire, Anyhoe

England, Northamptonshire, Aynho

England, Northamptonshire, Aynhoe

England, Northamptonshire

England, Northamtonshire, Wellingborough

England, Northingham, Heyford

England, Northumberland, Earsdon by North Shields

England, Northumberland, Earsdon

England, Northumberland

England, Nottingham, Of Chigwell

England, Nottinghamshire

England, Of Kent

England, Of Lincolnshire

England, Ossell

England, Oxford, Alerkton

England, Oxfordshire, Banbury

England, Plymouth

England, Portsmouth

England, Salisbury

England, Shittistore Church

England, Shropshire, Hodnet

England, Shropshire, Market Drayton, Colehurst

England, Shropshire, Pikesby

England, Shropshire, Pikesley

England, Shropshire, Whitechurch

England, Shropshire, Wolverton

England, Somerset County

England, Somerset, Bristol

England, Somerset, Broadway

England, Somerset, Shepton Mallet

England, Somerset, White Lackington

England, Somerset

England, Somersetshire, Bristol

England, Somersetshire, Broadway, Batcombe

England, Somersetshire, Portbury

England, Somersetshire

England, St. Mary, Orcheston

England, St. Peter's Church Cornhill London

England, St. Stephen

England, Staffordshire, Gnosall, Willbrighton

England, Staffordshire, Moreton

England, Stratford

England, Suffold, Lavenham

England, Suffolk, Bocking

England, Suffolk, Bures

England, Suffolk, England Or Boxford, Essex, Of Wickford

England, Suffolk, Groton, St. Mary, Bures

England, Suffolk, Groton

England, Suffolk, Hawkedon, Swan Hall

England, Suffolk, Hawkedon

England, Suffolk, Ipswich, St. Stephen

England, Suffolk, Ipswich

England, Suffolk, Lavenham

ENgland, Suffolk

England, Suffolk

England, Surrey, Dorking

England, Surrey, Egham, Hummer Lane St Albans Cottages

England, Sussex, Boxgrove

England, Sussex, Brighton, 13 Holland St

England, Sussex, Horsham

England, Sussex, Rudyard

England, Sussex

England, Susssex, Horsham

England, Tisbury

England, Upper Wallop

England, Warwick, Coventry

England, Warwick, Middleton, Stoke Hall

England, Warwick, Middleton

England, Warwick, Stoneleigh

England, Warwickshire, Burton Dassett

England, Warwickshire, Chipping Warden

England, Warwickshire, Coventry

England, Warwickshire, Fenny Costen

England, Warwickshire, Middleton

England, Warwickshire, Ratcliff

England, Warwickshire, Stratford-on-Avon

England, Warwickshire, Sutton Coldfield

England, Wiltshire, Broughton

England, Wiltshire, Cholderton

England, Wiltshire, East Cholderton

England, Wiltshire, Hanington

England, Wiltshire, Hannington

England, Wiltshire, Marlboro

England, Wiltshire, Marlborough, St. Peters

England, Wiltshire, Marlborough

England, Wiltshire, Newton

England, Wiltshire, Salisbury

England, Wiltshire

England, Worchestershire

England, York, Birkenshaw

England, York, Hornby

England, York, Kingston-upon-Hull, Holy Trinity, English Street 6 Vine Court

England, York, Leeds

England, York, Manningham, 89 Silk Street

England, York, Martshed

England, Yorkshire, Calverley Parish

England, Yorkshire, Cottingham, St Mary - Virgin

England, Yorkshire, Cottingham

England, Yorkshire, Eppleby

England, Yorkshire, Horsforth

England, Yorkshire, Kingston

England, Yorkshire, Of

England, Yorkshire, Upon Hull, Kingston

England, Yorkshire


Enlgand, Devonshire

Episcopal Church

Esq, By R. K. Vestal

Established as "Patiot" by D.A.R

Fall at a mill

Fayette Co. Pennsylvania, Georges Twp

Fishtoft, Of

Florida, Jacksonville area

Florida, Jensen Beach

Florida, Martin


Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale

Fort Riley Kansas, 19th Co. Field Hospital MOTC

France, Of Byam (byans)

French and Indian Wars

Friends' burial ground at Mount Holly

Georgia, Morgan County

Georgia, Morgan


German Methodist Church

Germany to California

Germany, Baden, Heidelberg, Weiler

Germany, Baden, Heidelburg, Weiler

Germany, Bavaria, Mittlfer, Nuernberg

Germany, Bavaria

Germany, Berlin

Germany, Brandenburg, Near Driesen

Germany, Heidelburg, Baden, Baden

Germany, Nassau, Hersfield

Germany, Neumarkt, Brenkenhofswalde

Germany, Neumarkt, Franztal

Germany, Nuremberg

Germany, Rheinland, Krefeld

Germany, Rhenish-Palatina, Sinsheim

Germany, Saxony, Altenburg

Germany, Scwetz, Jesiorken

Germany, Weiler, Heidelburg, Baden

Germany, West Berlin



Haddonfield Monthly Meeting


Holland, Gelderland Provence, Huenen



Illinois, Dekalb County

Illinois, Fayette Co

Illinois, Logan County

Illinois, Stark County, Essex


Indiana, Bloomfield

Indiana, Jennings County, Butlerville

Indiana, Jennings County

Indiana, Notre Dame, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Indiana, Portland

Indiana, Switzerland County

Indiana, Warrick County

Indiana, Washington County



Iowa, Aplington

Iowa, Mahaska Co

Iowa, Monroe County

Iowa, Near West Branch

Iowa, Page, Clarinda

Iowa, Van Buren County

Iowa, Webster City


Ireland, County Longford, Drumlish

Ireland, Wexford, Enniscorthy

Ireland, Wexford




Jahnke's Tavern/Los Angeles

Japan, Tokyo

Japan, Yokahama


Kansas, County, Jewell

Kansas, Douglas County, Baldwin

Kansas, Douglas County, Vinland

Kansas, Douglas

Kansas, Fort Scott

Kansas, Jefferson County, near Oskaloosa, Judy District

Kansas, Jefferson County, Sarcoxie Township

Kansas, Jewel City

Kansas, Jewell Co., Mankato

Kansas, Jewell County

Kansas, Jewell, Holmwood

Kansas, Kansas City

Kansas, Lawrence

Kansas, Linn County, Pleasanton

Kansas, Linn County, Scott

Kansas, Linn county, Twin Springs

Kansas, Linn County

Kansas, Linn

Kansas, Lynn, Scott

Kansas, Marion, Of Durham

Kansas, Near Pawnee Rock

Kansas, Wyandotte, Wyandotte Township


Kentucky, Barren County

Kentucky, Harrodsburg

Kentucky, Henry County

Kentucky, Henry

Kentucky, Mercer County, Harrodsburg

Kentucky, Mercer County

Kentucky, Shelby County

Kentucky, Shelby

Kentucky, Warren Coounty


Limebrook Massachusetts

Lippincott Burial Ground

Lived with Annie and Elmer

Lived with father Joseph Tatem




Ma, Essex, Of Ipswich

Macon county, Niautic

Maine or Ohio or Illinois

Maine, Beals Island

Maine, Belfast

Maine, Cape Elizabeth

Maine, Cumberland County, Falmouth

Maine, Cumberland, Cape Elizabeth

Maine, Cumberland, Fallmouth

Maine, East Machias

Maine, Essex County, Salem

Maine, Freedom

Maine, Jonesboro

Maine, Jonesport

Maine, Machias

Maine, Milbridge

Maine, Montville

Maine, Moosepeak

Maine, North Yarmouth

Maine, Placed in command at Wells

Maine, Portland, St. Luke's Church

Maine, Portland

Maine, Washington Co, Jonesport

Maine, Washington County, Jonesboro

Maine, Washington County, Jonesborough

Maine, Washington County, Machias

Maine, Washington, Jonesboro

Maine, Washington, Jonesport

Maine, Washington, Machias

Maine, Wells

Maine, Yarmouth

Maine, York Co., Isles Of Shoals, Smuttynose

Maine, York County, Wells

Maine, York, Biddeford

Maine, York, Kittery

Maine, York, Of York

Maine, York, Oyster River

Maine, York, Smuttynose

Maine, York, Wells

Maine, York, York River

Maine, York, York


Major's Cove near Miober's Bridge

Manchester Cathedral


Maryland, Cecil

Maryland, Conococheague Valley

Maryland, Frederick County

Maryland, Washington County, Clear Spring

Maryland, Washington County

Mass, Newberry

Massachusettes, Edgartown

Massachusettes, Milton

Massachusetts, Addison

Massachusetts, Boston

Massachusetts, Bridgewater

Massachusetts, Bristol, Swansea

Massachusetts, Cambridge

Massachusetts, Charlestown

Massachusetts, Cumberland, Portland

Massachusetts, Dukes Co., Martha's Vinyard, Edgartown

Massachusetts, Dukes County

Massachusetts, Dukes, Edgartown

Massachusetts, Dukes, Marthas Vineyard, Tisbury

Massachusetts, Dukes, Martha's Vineyard

Massachusetts, Edgartown

Massachusetts, England to Ipswich

Massachusetts, England to Salem

Massachusetts, Essex County, Lynn

Massachusetts, Essex County, Newbury, Oldtown

Massachusetts, Essex County, Newbury

Massachusetts, Essex County

Massachusetts, Essex, Amesbury

Massachusetts, Essex, Andover

Massachusetts, Essex, Ipswich

Massachusetts, Essex, Ipswitch

Massachusetts, Essex, Lynn

Massachusetts, Essex, Newbury

Massachusetts, Essex, Rowley

Massachusetts, Essex, Salem

Massachusetts, Essex, Salisbury

Massachusetts, First Settlers Cemetary - Newbury

Massachusetts, Haverhill

Massachusetts, Ipswich

Massachusetts, Medford

Massachusetts, Middlesex County, Watertown

Massachusetts, Nantucket Island or Boston

Massachusetts, Nantucket Island

Massachusetts, Newbury

Massachusetts, Of Ipswich

Massachusetts, Plymouth, Scituate

Massachusetts, Plymouth

Massachusetts, Rowley

Massachusetts, Roxbury

Massachusetts, Salem

Massachusetts, Suffolk County, Boston

Massachusetts, Suffolk, Boston

Massachusetts, Suffolk, Charlestown

Massachusetts, Suffolk, Dorchester

Massachusetts, Suffolk, Of Dover

Massachusetts, Tisbury

Massachusetts, Watertown

Massachusetts, Weymouth

Massachusetts, Woburn


Massachussets, Ipswich

Massachussetts, Essex, Amesbury

Massachussetts, Essex, Houlton

ME, Jonesport

ME, onesport

ME, Rogues Bluff

Meeting hall in Woolwich

Menallen Meeting

Mendocino County


Michigan, Hillsdale County


Minnesota, Minneapolis, Episcopal Church


Mission Delores w. Aunt Ann Sparrow

Missouri - Scotland County, Jefferson

Missouri Land Patent, Palmyra Scotland County

Missouri, Benton County

Missouri, Clinton, Plattsburg

Missouri, Kansas City

Missouri, Scotland County, Johnson Twp., Mount Moriah Cemetery

Missouri, Scotland County, Memphis

Missouri, Scotland County

Missouri, Texas Co

Missouri, Texas County


Mo, Kansas City

Moved to California from New York

MS, Scranton

Mt. Obret Cemetary

Mt. Tamalpias Crematory

Musselman Cemetery

N.J, Monmouth Coounty

N.J, Monmouth County

N.Y, Kings County, County Court

N.Y, New York, U.S. Dist. Court

Napa California

Nebraska, Broken Bow

Nebraska, Cass County, Ashland

Nebraska, Naponee


Neptune Society, Ashes scattered at sea

Nevada, Ely

Nevada, Empire City

Nevada, Ormsby County, Carson City

New Hampshire, Greenland

New Hampshire, Hampton Falls

New Hampshire, Hampton

New Hampshire, Isles Of Shoals, Newcastle

New Hampshire, Isles Of Shoals, Star Island

New Hampshire, Londonderry

New Hampshire, Nottingham

New Hampshire, Rockingham Co, Hampton

New Hampshire, Rockingham County, Nottingham

New Hampshire, Rockingham County

New Hampshire, Rockingham, Exeter

New Hampshire, Rockingham, Hampton Falls

New Hampshire, Rockingham, Hampton

New Hampshire, Rockingham, Isles Of Shoals

New Hampshire, Rockingham, Newcastle

New Hampshire, Rockingham, Nottingham

New Hampshire, Rockingham, Portsmouth

New Hampshire

New Jersey or Pennsylvania

New Jersey, Bergen County, Hackensack

New Jersey, Bergen County, Schraalenburgh

New Jersey, Burlington County, Northhampton Township

New Jersey, Burlington Co., Burlington Monthly Meeting

New Jersey, Burlington Co., Evesham Twp

New Jersey, Burlington Co., Evesham

New Jersey, Burlington Co., Northampton

New Jersey, Burlington Co

New Jersey, Burlington County, Burlington

New Jersey, Burlington County, Chester Township

New Jersey, Burlington County, Cinnaminson

New Jersey, Burlington County, Evesham MTG

New Jersey, Burlington County, Evesham Township

New Jersey, Burlington County, Evesham, Lumberton

New Jersey, Burlington County, Evesham

New Jersey, Burlington County, Fostertown

New Jersey, Burlington County, Hilsdown

New Jersey, Burlington County, Mount Holly

New Jersey, Burlington County, Newton MH

New Jersey, Burlington County, Northampton Township

New Jersey, Burlington County, Northhampton TWP

New Jersey, Burlington County, Rancocas

New Jersey, Burlington County, Springfield

New Jersey, Burlington County

New Jersey, Burlington, Burlington

New Jersey, Burlington, Chester Twp., Of

New Jersey, Burlington, Chester Twp

New Jersey, Burlington, Chester

New Jersey, Burlington, Cinnaminson

New Jersey, Burlington, Evesham

New Jersey, Burlington, Friends Meeting

New Jersey, Burlington, Haddonfield MTG

New Jersey, Burlington, Moorestown

New Jersey, Burlington, Northampton Township

New Jersey, Burlington, Northampton TWP

New Jersey, Burlington, Westfield

New Jersey, Burlington

New Jersey, Chester, Chesterfield

New Jersey, Evesham Monthly Meeting

New Jersey, Gloucester Co

New Jersey, Gloucester County, Greenwich Township

New Jersey, Gloucester County, Mullica Hill

New Jersey, Gloucester County, Newton Township

New Jersey, Gloucester County, Upper Greenwich

New Jersey, Gloucester County, Woolwich Township, Mullica Hill

New Jersey, Gloucester County, Woolwich Township

New Jersey, Gloucester County

New Jersey, Gloucester

New Jersey, Haddonfield Monthly Meeting

New Jersey, Haddonfield

New Jersey, Hainsport

New Jersey, Monmouth County, Shrewsbury

New Jersey, Monmouth County

New Jersey, Monmouth, Shrewbury

New Jersey, Moorestown

New Jersey, Morris

New Jersey, Mount Holly

New Jersey, Salem County, Woodstown

New Jersey, Salem County

New Jersey, Salem, Salem Monthly Meeting

New Jersey, Shrewsabury, William Shattuck's house

New Jersey, Shrewsabury

New Jersey, Shrewsbury, Christ Churchyard

New Jersey, Shrewsbury, Society of Friends Cemetery

New Jersey, Shrewsbury

New Jersey, Somerset County, Harlingen

New Jersey, Somerset County, Millstone

New Jersey, Somerset County

New Jersey, Sussex County, Frankford

New Jersey, Sussex County, near Lebanon, Old Kirby Graveyard

New Jersey, Trenton

New Jersey

New Mexico, Kirkland

New York, Brooklyn

New York, Delaware, Roxbury

New York, Long Island, Flatlands, New Amsterdam

New York, Long Island, Flatlands

New York, Long Island, Gravensend

New York, Long Island, New Netherlands

New York, Long Island, Southold

New York, Monroe, Rochester

New York, N.Y. County, Common Pleas Court

New York, New York, Greenwich Village

New York, New York

New York, Rye

New York, Westchester County, Easttown

New York

New York-California

New York

North Carolina, Caswell County

North Carolina, Sparta

North Carolina, Surry County

North Wales, Caernarvonshire

North Wales, Cefn Llanfair

Northampton Meetinghouse

Northern Ireland, Co. Downs, Drumballyoney

Notre Dame academy

Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, Anticosta Island

Nova Scotia, Cape Breton

Nova Scotia, Cornwallis

Nova Scotia, Halifax

Nova Scotia

NY, Gloucester, Waterford


Oakland California, 2891 Morcom Avenue

Oakland California, Albert Brown Undertaking Co

Oakland California, Chapel of Memories

Oakland California, St. Francis de Sales

Oakland Crematory

Occording to Olive Rowlands

Of Kindeston

OH, Athens, Hockingport

Ohio Penitentiary Counterfeiting

Ohio, Allen Co., Rockport, Rockport Cemetery

Ohio, Allen County

Ohio, Athens County

Ohio, Belmont County, Colerain

Ohio, Brown County

Ohio, Byhalia

Ohio, Cathedral of St. Peter In Chains in Cincinnati

Ohio, Champaign Co., Byhalia

Ohio, Champaign Co

Ohio, Cincinnati

Ohio, Clinton Co

Ohio, Columbiana Coounty

Ohio, Columbiana County

Ohio, Columbus

Ohio, Dayton

Ohio, Goshen

Ohio, Huron County, Oxford Twp

Ohio, Huron County

Ohio, Liberty

Ohio, Madisonville

Ohio, Mahoning County, Goshen

Ohio, Mercer Co., Mendon

Ohio, Mercer County, Union Township

Ohio, Mercer County

Ohio, Middleport

Ohio, Montgomery County, Forney Cemetery Liberty

Ohio, Montgomery County, New Providence

Ohio, Montgomery County

Ohio, Montgomery

Ohio, Morrow Co

Ohio, Ottawa

Ohio, Tuscarawas Co

Ohio, Vinton County, Elk Township


Oklahoma Territory, Kingfisher, Columbia & Skeleton Townships

Oklahoma, Caddo, Fort Cobb

Oklahoma, Kingfisher

Oklahoma, Major, Of Meno


Old York

on Muster and Pay Roll of Captain John Hall's detachment. Lenght of service 5-days. Detachment drafted from militia serice at Machias. This detachment was in Co, with the rank of private, Name appears

on Muster and Pay Roll of Captain John Hall's detachment. Length of service 21 days. Marched to the assistance of Machias, with the rank of private, Name appears

Onboard ship to America

Orchestro St. Mary

Oregon -Unconfirmed, Baker

Oregon, Baker County, Baker City, Mount Hope Cemetery

Oregon, Baker, Pocahontas

Oregon, Baker

Oregon, Beaverton

Oregon, Clatsop, Knappa

Oregon, East Portland

Oregon, Linn, Lebanon

Oregon, Marion County

Oregon, Multnoma, East Portland

Oregon, Multnomah County

Oregon, Multnomah, Russellville

Oregon, Polk County

Oregon, Portland, Multnomah County

Oregon, Portland


Oxford (did not graduate), Brasenose College

Oxford, admitted B. A. Lincoln College

Oxford, B. A. degree University College

Oxford, Lincoln College

Oxford, University College

PA, Fayette, Uniontown

PA, York, Manchester



Pennsylvaina, Chester, Radnor

Pennsylvania or New Jersey, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania or Ohio or Idaho

Pennsylvania, 3440 N. 15th St. Ward 38 Philadelphia

Pennsylvania, Abington, Abington Monthly Meeting

Pennsylvania, Abington

Pennsylvania, Alleghany County

Pennsylvania, Allegheny County

Pennsylvania, Allentown

Pennsylvania, Ambler

Pennsylvania, Buckingham Township

Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Buckingham

Pennsylvania, Bucks County, New Hope

Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Solebury Buring Ground

Pennsylvania, Bucks County

Pennsylvania, Bucks, Warminster Twp

Pennsylvania, Bucks, Warminster, Parry Homestead

Pennsylvania, Bucks, Warminster

Pennsylvania, Chester County, Conestoga

Pennsylvania, Chester County

Pennsylvania, Chester, Nottingham

Pennsylvania, Cumberland County

Pennsylvania, Dauphin County, Lebanon

Pennsylvania, Dilworthtown

Pennsylvania, Doylestown

Pennsylvania, Fayette Coounty, Jefferson Township

Pennsylvania, Fayette County, Redstone

Pennsylvania, Franklin County, Guilford

Pennsylvania, Franklin County, Peters Township, near Hagerstown

Pennsylvania, Germantown

Pennsylvania, Gettysburg

Pennsylvania, Hartsville, Presbyterian Church

Pennsylvania, Hatboro, White Marsh Cemetery

Pennsylvania, Horsham Montgomery County

Pennsylvania, Horsham, Horsham Monthly Meeting

Pennsylvania, Horsham, Horsham Monthy Meeting

Pennsylvania, Horsham

Pennsylvania, Jenkintown

Pennsylvania, Lancaster Coounty, Lebanon

Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, Manheim

Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, Old Warwick Lutheran Church

Pennsylvania, Lancaster County

Pennsylvania, Lansdale

Pennsylvania, Montgomery Co., Hatboro

Pennsylvania, Montgomery County, Gwynedd

Pennsylvania, Montgomery County, Horsham

Pennsylvania, Montgomery County, Moreland Township

Pennsylvania, Montgomery County, Radnor

Pennsylvania, Montgomery County

Pennsylvania, Montgomery, Abington

Pennsylvania, Montgomery, Horsham

Pennsylvania, Morea

Pennsylvania, Oreland

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Co., Abington MM

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Co., Bristol Twp

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 2017 Ogden Street

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Abington MM

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, North Meeting House

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Westminster Cemetary

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania, Radnor Township

Pennsylvania, Radnor

Pennsylvania, Richland, Richland Monthly Meeting

Pennsylvania, Richland

Pennsylvania, Rushland, Joseph Parry's House

Pennsylvania, Rushland

Pennsylvania, Schuylkill County, Mahanoy City, Morea

Pennsylvania, Scranton

Pennsylvania, Sharpsville

Pennsylvania, Warminster, Homestead

Pennsylvania, Warminster

Pennsylvania, Washington Co

Pennsylvania, Wayne

Pennsylvania, Westmoreland County

Pennsylvania, Willow Grove

Pennsylvania, York County, Conewago

Pennsylvania, York County, Fairview

Pennsylvania, York County

Pennsylvania, York, First Reformed Church

Pennsylvania, York, York

Pennsylvania, York


Philadelphia County

Philadelphia Monthly Meeting

Philadelphia PA, Westminster Cemetary



Plymouth Massachusetts

Poland, Scwetz District, Jesiorken, Near Culm

Poland, Scwetz District, Jesiorken

Poland, Scwetz, (Schoensee), Jesiorken

Poland, Scwetz, Jesiorken

Poland, Volhynia, Karolsberge

Poland, Volhynia, Karolswalde

Poland, Volhynia, Of Karolsberge

Poland, Volhynia, Of Karolswalde

Poland, Volhynia, Of Ostrog

Poland, Wolynskie, Karolswalde


Porth Madoch

Prussia, Brandenburg, Driesen

Prussia, Neumarkt, Brenkenhofswalde

Prussia, Neumarkt, Franztal

Prussia, Schulansky, Near Radlin

Prussia, Schulansky, Of Radlin


Puget Sound

Pulaski Co, Tippecanoe Twp

Revolutionary Soldier

Rhode Island, Hartford County, Bristol

Rhode Island, Newport County, Little Compton

Rhode Island

Russia, Preussen, Koenigsberg


San Francisco State University

San Francisco, 316 Thirteenth Street

San Francisco

San Jose California, 344 Little Market Street

Santa Cruz County



Scotland, Edinborough


Shropshire, Ludlow

Society of Friends Burial Ground

South Carolina, Cowpens National Battlefield

South Dakota, Turner, Marion

South Dakota

South Wales, Radnor County, Radnorshire Meeting

Southern Base Section, Regional Transportation Officers, Major

Spengler Cem

St Ouens Parish

St. Dominican covent/San Francisco


Suiss, Aargau, , Schoftland


Switzerland to USA

Switzerland, Aargau, Schoftland

Switzerland, Baseland, Liesthal

Switzerland, Baseland, Muttenz

Switzerland, Now Aargau, Canton Berne, Schoftland

Switzerland, Teufen

Switzerland, Zurich


Tennessee, Cocke Co., Parrottsville

Tennessee, Cocke Co

Tennessee, Of Cocke County

Texas, Houston

Texas, Jasper Co

Texas, Jefferson County

Texas, Nederland

Texas, Sabine, Sabine county

Texas, Sabine

Texas, Whichita Falls

to California

To California

Tower Hill Cemetary


Twin of John David

Twin of Margaret Laureen

Ukraine, Kiev, Near MacHlofsha, Michalin


United States Army

United States Maritime Service

United States, Florida, Palatka

United States, New York


Utah, Salt Lake City

VA, Middlesex


Virginia by Rev. Reese Woolf, Wood County, Parkersburg

Virginia, Clarksburg

Virginia, Cumberland County

Virginia, Fluvanna County

Virginia, Franklin County

Virginia, Goochland County

Virginia, Hampshire County, Patterson Creek

Virginia, Hampshire County

Virginia, Hanover County

Virginia, Living in Wood County

Virginia, Louisa County

Virginia, Middlesex County

Virginia, New Kent County

Virginia, Norfolk, Greenbriar

Virginia, Norfolk

Virginia, Of Shenandoah Co

Virginia, Rockingham

Virginia, Shenandoah Co., Toms Brook

Virginia, Shenandoah Co

Virginia, Shenandoah County

Virginia, Wood County, Parkersburg

Virginia, Wood County

Virginia, York


Wales by the Rev. Titus Lewis Vicap, Towyn, St. Cadfans Church

Wales, Breconshire, Bwlch

Wales, Cardigan County

Wales, Conway

Wales, Dolgoch

Wales, Machynlleth

Wales, Maelor

Wales, Merioneth, Towyn, College Ter Tredegar Arms

Wales, Monmouthshire, Tredegar

Wales, Montgomershire

Wales, Montgomeryshire, Llangirrig

Wales, Montgomeryshire, Llanidloes

Wales, Radnor County, Lanelein Parish

Wales, Radnor

Wales, Radnorshire South, Llanbister

Wales, Tan-y-Bryn

Wales, Towyn, 36 High Street

Wales, Towyn, St Cadvan's Churchyard

Wales, Towyn, St. Cadfan's Church

Wales, Towyn

Wales, Tredegar Iron Works/Monmouthshire


Wales-New York


War of 1812

Washburn school/San Jose

Washington County Maine, Jonesboro

Washington, Colfax

Washington, Puyallup

Washington, Spokane

Washington, Wahkiakum County, Skamokawa

Washington, Wahkiakum, Skamokawa Valley

Washinton, Tacoma

West Indies, Tortola, Island of Tortug

West Virginia, Taylor, Sistersville

West Virginia, Taylor

West Virginia, Tyler County

West Virginia, Wood County, Crooks Cemetery

West Virginia, Wood County

West Virginia

Westfield NJ

Wharton School of Commerce at University of Pennsylvania night school

where he had gone a few days before in hope of regaining his health, Benjamin, Massachusetts a the house of his son, Salem

William Rowlands & Sons

Winslow Maine



Wyandotte Township, Wyandotte County, Kansas State Census

Wyoming, Casper

York Co. Pennsylvania, Manchester Twp




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