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WordPress Long Posts Coming Up Blank Fix

I was trying to post a long (very long) list to one of my WordPress sites. The problem was that when I went to view my post the page came up blank. The solution: You need to make a change … Continue reading

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Speed Up Your Website with Compression

In my quest for better search engine optimization (SEO) I’ve found that Google considers how fast your site loads in its ratings. There are a lot of things you can do to clean up and reduce the size of your … Continue reading

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Apache Server Catchall

One more trick to keep traffic from getting away. When setting up the Virtual Hosts section on an Apache web server add the following VirtualHost at the end of the list: # # MUST REMAIN LAST IN LIST!!!! # <VirtualHost … Continue reading

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To WWW or not to WWW that is the duplicate content question!

Google is really hip on removing duplicate content from their search results. In the old days we would submit our sites in every way possible to get more results in searches i.e.: http://www.craigharris.org/ http://craigharris.org/ http://www.craigharris.org/index.html http://craigharris.org/index.html You get the … Continue reading

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Move a Sub-directory to Another Domain

Years ago I put together a small section about Cape Parrots on this site in a sub-directory called /parrot/. Over time it grew and I purchased the domain CapeParrot.org for it. Originally I just pointed the domain at: CraigHarris.org/parrot/ and … Continue reading

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