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Avoid duplicate content from index.html or index.php

Todays SEO post is a quick and easy one to avoid duplicate content. http://www.craigharris.org http://www.craigharris.org/index.php Both this links return the same page and would be considered duplicate content by Google. To fix this include the following bit of code in … Continue reading

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To WWW or not to WWW that is the duplicate content question!

Google is really hip on removing duplicate content from their search results. In the old days we would submit our sites in every way possible to get more results in searches i.e.: http://www.craigharris.org/ http://craigharris.org/ http://www.craigharris.org/index.html http://craigharris.org/index.html You get the … Continue reading

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Google Won’t Index WordPress Pages Created by Plugins – Solution

On my WordPress site CapeParrot.org I have a number of pages created by plugins: a forum, a picture gallery and a store. To use these Plugins you just place a shortcode on a single WordPress page and they do their … Continue reading

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