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How I Got FREE Phone Service for the Rest of My Life

I’ve had Voipo VOIP phone service for over a year now. I’ve written about it a few times. It is a great service that replaced my old AT&T home phone line that I was paying well over $40 a month … Continue reading

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5 GBs Extra Dropbox Storage Free

UPDATE 2/23/2012: I just found out that Dropbox has dropped the bonus to 3GBs for testing their new software v1.3.19. Read about the new program on the Dropbox Forum Here. UPDATE 4/4/2012: I just found out that Dropbox has doubled … Continue reading

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Passwords – How to keep them safe and not lose them! – Software

Passwords…how many do you have? Ebay, Email, Paypal, Bill Pay, Internet Forums, Software Registration, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, on and on. Too many passwords. My first password was to Compuserve. For years is was on a small piece of paper kept … Continue reading

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Dropbox Free File Sharing Service Review

Dropbox is a great service I recently found for sharing, syncing and backing up files. If you are like most people you occasionally, or frequently, move files between computers. If you are on a local network that is easy but … Continue reading

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When it comes to computer operating systems people get very passionate as to which one is best. We’ve all heard the Mac vs. Windows arguments for desktop/laptop computers. I’m not going to go there, at least not in this post. … Continue reading

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