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New ISP Changing Server IP

I just changed ISP’s and as a result needed to change the IP addresses on my FreeBSD servers. When I first set up the servers I just entered the settings into the FreeBSD setup wizzard but now I needed to … Continue reading

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Speed Up Your Website with Compression

In my quest for better search engine optimization (SEO) I’ve found that Google considers how fast your site loads in its ratings. There are a lot of things you can do to clean up and reduce the size of your … Continue reading

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When it comes to computer operating systems people get very passionate as to which one is best. We’ve all heard the Mac vs. Windows arguments for desktop/laptop computers. I’m not going to go there, at least not in this post. … Continue reading

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My New Web Server

New to me anyway. My previous server was made by VA Linux (a company that is no longer in business). It is a great server but it has been in service many years. The poor old server desperately needed software … Continue reading

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