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Hyper Cache My New Favorite WordPress Plugin

WordPress creates each and every page on-the-fly. Even with a fairly powerful server this can take some time. Hyper Cache makes a copy of each page and serves that up in a fraction of the time it takes for a … Continue reading

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More Memory – Tip

Lately my computer has been getting slow. (It is a Windows XP machine with 2GB of memory I built 5 years ago.) Frequently it would suddenly get slow as molasses and I would see the red hard disk access light … Continue reading

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Speed up WordPress

I was submitting my site’s feeds to Feedburner and was having a problem with one feed. http://www.capeparrot.org/wordpress/feed/ http://www.capeparrot.org/ I kept getting timeouts. I tried the repair/optimize routine on my database with no effect. I added this line to the WordPress … Continue reading

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Speed Up Your Website with Compression

In my quest for better search engine optimization (SEO) I’ve found that Google considers how fast your site loads in its ratings. There are a lot of things you can do to clean up and reduce the size of your … Continue reading

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