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Best Commercial Ever!

Guinness This is in my opinion is not only the best Guinness commercial but the best beer commercial ever made. In fact I would say it is the best commercial every made. While it is a little racy it isn’t … Continue reading

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Top Gear 2012 Season 18

Attention Top Gear fans! I’ve just received news from a fairly good source that the new season of Top Gear UK will start on Sunday January 29th on BBC2 at 8pm GMT. I’ve been searching for information about the new … Continue reading

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Ten Best TV Series

I am a fan of the mini-series, a television show production which tells a story in a limited number of episodes. I really like a serial that you can follow episode to episode to its conclusion. At night I like … Continue reading

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The Internet in 1994 According to the Today Show

I came across this video and it hit home because 1994 was the year I got my first Internet connection, or was it 1993? Close enough. Does anyone remember setting up a home Internet connection in 1994? It wasn’t easy. … Continue reading

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