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Online since 2004! I'm about to pull the plug. Make a donation to keep it going!

Welcome to InhumanThor's ADULT UT2003 Server site.

 Keep this server online by making a donation via PayPal. My electric bill is insane! I'll keep the server on as long as I get at least $10 a month towards its cost. I've covered the costs for 9 years, now it is up to you.

IMPORTANT: You must have the v2225 patch AND the Epic Bonus Pack installed to access this server. You can download these files from Epic's unrealtournament.com website. If you are experiencing slow downloads while trying to access our server it is because you are missing some of these updated files.

Learn how to get the most out of our server here. Airpower instuctions here.

Be warned that this is an ADULT server. It contains nudity and other adult content.

Our server is located here: just click unreal://

No Cheating!!! If we even suspect you are using an aimbot etc. you will be instantly and permenantly banned! Don't whine if you are banned just go somewhere else.

With our ZAddOn mutator (thanks to FragEd at xMortalityx.com) your Unreal 2003 experience is greatly improved. With this mod the main goal is to combine vehicles, big maps, CTF and fast game play for skilled lighting fast players. But of course there are some of the old fun maps which are smaller but still alot of fun.


There is a FORUM put together by <{UI}> clan members who frequent this server. Find out the latest news and get to know them better there.


SKINS - Skins in this directory are available on our server. Download and install any of these skins and everyone on our server will be able to see them.


The following combos are available:

BurnBaby: LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT at 100 adrenaline will cause your enemys within 2000 uu to explode into flames.

FryMaster: RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT at 100 adrenaline will cause youre enemys within 2000 uu to explode from electricity.. Be careful not to fry your own ass!

Invisible: RIGHT RIGHT LEFT LEFT at 100 adrenaline will make you and everything you carry (Such as the flag) invisible for 45 seconds. Exception of course is that anyone using the RailGun will find you.

Speed: UP UP UP UP at 100 adrenline player gets regular invisiblity, added speed, jump, aircontrol for 55 seconds..

MADBomber: UP DOWN UP DOWN at 100 adrenline will summon 9 enemy seeking redeemers that appear at random points around the map.

Berserk: UP UP DOWN DOWN at 100 adrenline puts the player in God Mode until adrenaline runs out, three times the killing power with all weapons.


The ShieldGun will protect a player from all 360 degrees. The shield will depleat faster if the shield is damaged. If a Player has the flag and uses the ShieldGun for protection the shield will depleat 2 times faster then usual. And if the player has the flag and is getting pounded by its enemys the shields will depleat even faster.

A few hints:

The Sniper Rifle has the RailGun bound to the same key (usually the "9" key). If a player assigns the SniperRifle to a key and then by pressing that key twice will bring up the RailGun limited ammo to ten shots unless you pick up someone else RailGun after killing them.

The RailGun can see and shoot through solid objects. Use the RailGun zoom view to find and shoot enemies at a distance.

With practice you can use the ShieldGun to jump a long way. This works best on low gravity maps. Aim the ShieldGun at the ground at about a 45 degree angle and just tap the fire button. You will need a lot of health as you will loose some with this trick. Done right you will fly through the air. Done wrong you will end up a pile of pulp. If you have the flag you need to give a light tap on the fire button to keep from dropping the flag.